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Become a commercial agent in real estate.

Bel Air Homes is a fully French registered and insured LOW COST estate agency. We are a member of FNAIM ( Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier ), the national association of estate agents, and we offer our clients a full bilingual estate agency service in English, or French.

We are regularly ask by vendors in many parts of France if Bel Air Homes can market their properties for them, because our sales commission is just 2.5 % including VAT, which is perceived to be a real advantage given that other agencies charge much higher rates of commission, typically between 5% and 10 %, with an average of 8% being added to the asking price. Though vendors will not have to pay the agency commission, it comes out of the buyer's budget, which could reduce the size of the offer that the buyer is able to make on their property, and therefore the amount that they receive from a sale ' net vendeur '.

Potential buyers from the UK, France, other countries in Europe and across the globe also ask us if we have properties for sale in other regions of France. They appreciate the good value that a LOW COST estate agency can offer them, as they would rather not pay a fortune to a high commission agency for the same service.

We therefore believe that the opportunity now exists to expand Bel Air Homes with the help of experienced property professionals who can help us develop a network of independent agents to meet the demand from vendors and buyers seeking to take advantage of our low rate of of sales commission, and our high level of customer service.

Do you want to develop your own business?

Are you ambitious, hardworking, enthusiastic, professional, autonomous, and able to develop your own business?

Do you have good people skills?

Can you deliver exceptional customer service to a wide variety of people?

Do you have a good level of spoken and written English and French?

Are you IT literate.

Do you have previous experience working in France as an estate agent, a commercial agent in real estate, or as a property negotiator?

Do you have a good understanding of your local property market?

Could you create and manage a property portfolio in your own exclusive geographical area not already covered by Bel Air Homes?

If you can answer yes to these questions then you should consider working with us.


80 % commission excluding VAT.

Which legal status for a commercial agent in real estate?

The legal status of commercial agent is the only self-employed status allowed for an independent negotiator in the property sector, according to the loi Hoguet and its modifications.

Under this status, the commercial agent signs a commercial contract with a registered estate agent who has been issued with a professional card and represents this estate agent.

Commercial agents in real estate are paid on a commission only basis, and registered with the Registre Spécial des Agents Commerciaux (RSAC).

A commercial agent has the choice of trading as a micro-entrepreneur (auto-entrepreneur), or creating an EIRL.

EIRL Micro-entrepreneur (auto-entrepreneur) Support in English and French

Bel Air Homes uses the estate agent software Adaptimmo, which we will be happy for a commercial agent to use too.

The Adaptimmo software is relatively straightforward to use, and is principally used to generate and register each mandat de vente which is signed by vendors giving us the right to market their property.

It also allows us to upload the publicity for properties to multiple property portals at the same time.

We will create FREE separate web pages for property listings on the Bel Air Homes website for each area covered by a commercial agent, and upload the properties for sale to these web pages.

A FREE welcome pack which will include all of the professional documents required.

FREE access to legal advice relating to the buying and selling of property.

Startup costs.

It is absolutely FREE to join us at Bel Air Homes, and there is no monthly fee to pay.

You will however have some startup costs before your new business can begin trading.

1. Subscribing to Adaptimmo at a reduced group rate.

2. The costs associated with registering as an  micro-entrepreneur, or creating an EIRL.

3. Insurance - l'assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle.

If you would like to take advantage of this exciting opportunity please give us a call, or send us an email.   02 97 27 01 71 [email protected]