WANTED Accomodation for Professional Female

Posted by: Katherine-Alexander-905937 · 1501751059

Hello, l am a recently seperated professional female already living in France and looking for mid to long term rental or free in exchange for maintenance and renovation.

l have recently renovated a rural small holding, so have an understanding of permissions and very hands on.  l have one 8 year old Westie and 2 miniature shetlands, so would require access to 1 to 2 acres of land.

l enjoy the outdoors, am very practical, a non smoker and can supply several charachter references

Do you need a house sitter for over the winter? or longer if your property is being sold? are you looking to move back home quickly for family reasons?

l am registered as self employed in France, with no family ties.  l have some furniture, so if yo are thinking of moving back and taking your posessions, that is not a problem

Thank you for your consideration