Two Tabby Cats, neutered and spayed, 4 yrs

Posted by: jojomo-427011 · 1521975265

I have twin tabby cats, one spayed female with green eyes and one neutered male with blue eyes.  They are in very good condition and have been regularly treated for fleas and worms.  They are about 4 years old now.  Excellent mousers.

I am extremely sad to part with my pets but , because of my daughter's illness, have to return to the UK and am unable to find a way to take them with me.  This is heartbreaking and means that I am looking for a caring home for them.  They are very affectionate when they get to know someone and are easy to look after.   They love spending time outside in the beautiful countryside around here and also to snuggle up by the fire.  They are used to living with chickens and do not hurt them.

My name is Jo.  My address is Glomel but I live between Rostrenen and Plouray.  If you are able to offer them a home, please contact me before 16th April on  tel: 02 96 29 54 60 or