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Hi, we are looking for someone to either transport our horse for us or loan us a horsebox for a couple of hours.  Our farrier has offered to take...
Hello I am looking for a reliable pet sitter for my 6.5 month old female wire haired daschund. We will be away from Feb 13th until  Feb 25th . We...
We have two goats and a very large, safe, enclosed field.  We are looking for 2 sheep, lambs if possible to help keep the grass down.They will be...
Wanted folding Dog Cage. Must be atleast L75cm x W45cm x H50cm - preferably a little larger
Wanted folding Dog Cage. Must be atleast L75cm x W45cm x H50cm - preferably a little larger
Does anybody have a cat or kitten they do not need good home awaiting please near Le Faouet
looking for some lambs for repro for next year, must be ibr registered, wormed & tagged
I need a closed trailer in order to transport a pig. One days hire required
is any one keeping suffolk sheep i am looking for a ram lamb to use as a new tup if you have one let me know thanks
Field required in Plelauff/Gouarec area for my Shire mare. I would like to share with someone as I don`t want my mare on her own. If you can help or k...
Hi,We have a large elderly dog and we are looking for an experienced dog sitter.  Or if you have carer experience and would be ok with pet sittin...
Wanted, Pygmy Goats & a Donkey! - to occupy our "piggery" and wander about in the orchard. We aren't looking for pedigree or show standard animals...
We very sadly lost our spaniel recently and now our labrador is pining so we would like to adopt another dog,  minimum age 6.    Prefer...
Can anyone help?  I am looking for horse transport, to hire with or without a driver.  I want to bring my horse home from Collorec to Scrign...
We have a young female goat which is a jersey/Saanan  cross she is 7 months old we would like to breed her at the beginning of next year. Does an...
We have two Charolais ewes and require a ram, which is registered; either to rent or purchase. We live near Coray
I am looking for a horse on loan for my daughter and I to share. From 14hh to 15hh, 7 years old to 14 years old. We have a horse and pony on half loan...
Hello, We are looking for a puppy jack Russel type/size dog to join our little family.  Open to suggestions so please feel free to cont...
Hi we are after up to 4 female chickens, can you still get them this time of year, near Carhaix, regards.
i am looking for a horse box to transport a horse home for the afternoon can any one help me