Art & Galleries: Finistere

Centre dArt Passerelle
Based at 4 rue Charles Berthelot, Brest (29). This is a centre of contemporary art with exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 14:00 - 18:00 (Tuesdays until 20:00).
Galerie Gloux, Concarneau
The Galerie Gloux is located at the marina, 22 avenue Docteur Nicolas. Its four rooms display paintings, sculptures, watercolours, engravings and drawings alternated with the works on maritime themes and contemporary artists. Open all year.
An educational centre for the visual arts offering courses for adults and children. Small Gallery located at Keranheroff, La Feuillee (29). .
Galerie Stella Vega
Art gallery at 6 rue Monseigneur Graveran, Brest (29).
La Galerie du Port de Brigneau
Art gallery at port Brigneau, Moelan Sur Mer (29).
Galerie Zonzon
Art gallery at 54 rue Emile Zola, Brest (29).
Les Siamoises
Art gallery at 6 rue du Chapeau Rouge, Quimper.
Yan Verrimst
Art gallery selling quality paintings and drawings. At 23 rue General de Gaulle, Pont-Aven.
Galerie Verrimst
Quality gallery for original, collectable paintings and drawings from the 19thC and 20thC. At 25 rue Vauban, Concarneau.
Mers et Oceans
Art gallery at 14 rue Gambetta, Roscoff (29).
Rodney Salter - Contemporary British Artist
Modern Paintings & Sculptures. Artistic Commissions. Graphic Designs & Illustrations for Publications & Websites in English & French
Galerie du Manoir - Saint Evarzec
Located at 156 route de Concarneau (29), this manor dates from the 15th-16th century. Painters here work in a range of styles, from the abstract to the figurative, via surrealism, expressionism etc. Open every day from 14:30 - 19:00.
Arts et Civilisations
Located at 4 rue Rene Theophile Laennec, Quimper (29). Contemporary art exhibition.
Galerie Rejane Louin
Contemporary art gallery located at 19 rue de leglise, Locquirec (29).
Galerie Seize
Situated at 16 rue Am Ronarch, Quimper (29). Sale of art work and equipment.
Abbaye de Daoulas
Located at 21 rue de lEglise, Daoulas (29). Of this ancient abbey there remains the church and the Roman monastery and numerous pieces of Breton art of the x and xvI century. Open from end of March to beginning of January every year.
La Galerie Carantec
Art gallery at 9 rue Tourville, Carantec (29).
Ghio Herve
Art gallery at 18 rue Gen de Gaulle, Pont Aven (29).