Bars: Brest

Hotel Le Comoedia *
Situated at 21 r Aiguillon, Brest (29). Traditional food served in the restaurant, wine bar and private room for functions.
Le National
Situated at 26 rue Porte, Brest (29). Bar open throughout the year.
Eveno Romuald
Situated at 252 rue Jean Jaures, Brest (29). Bar serving cocktails, wine and beer.
Hotel de la Paix
Located at 32 rue Algesiras, Brest (29). Restaurant, bar and club.
Hotel-Cafe du Musee
Located at 1 r Ducouedic, Brest (29). Open all year. Bar, newsagent, tabac and plat du jour.
Le Tudor
Situated at 20 rue Algesiras, Brest (29). Open throughout the year.
Hotel du Questel **
Located at 120 r Francis Thomas, Brest (29). Small restaurant serving light meals, bar and parking.
Hotel Bar Pasteur *
Located at 29 r Louis Pasteur, Brest (29). Bar open to 20:00 and parking.
Le Bar Ecossais
Situated at 243 rue Jean Jaures, Brest (29). Open throughout the year.
Temple du Pharaon
Located at 36 r Jean Mace, Brest (29). Egyptian style bar with dance nights and concerts. Cocktails and tea room. Open every day, except Sundays and bank holidays from 14:00 - 22:00.
Abalis Hotel
Located at 7 av Georges Clemenceau, Brest (29). All rooms have ensuite facilities and direct dial telephone, TV with international channels, free WiFi access, snack bar from 11:00 - 23:30: pizzas, quiches lorraines and croque-monsieurs.
Hotel Bar du Musee
Situated at 1 r Ducouedic, Brest (29). Parking and bar.
Hotel Les Gens de Mer **
Located at 44 quai Douane, Brest (29). Restaurant, parking and bar.
Hotel Agena **
Located at 10 r Fregate la Belle Poule, Brest (29). family rooms available, Creperie, WiFi, bar and parking available.
Hotel Bar Le Miden
Located at 81 r Porte, Brest (29). Breakfast served, bar and parking.
Hotel de la Gare
Located at 4 bd Gambetta, Brest (29). WIFI and bar.
Hotel Ibis
Situated at 1 r Am Romain Desfosses, Brest (29). Restaurant, bar and parking.
Situated at 38 rue Algesiras, Brest (29). Bar with themed evenings throughout the year.
Bar serving snacks, also entertainment throughout the year at 5 r Siam, Brest (29).
Le U-Boat Bar
Themed bar situated at 8 rue Porte, Brest (29).