Counselling & Therapists

Sylvie Rumin
Sophrology, CBT and psychotherapy for adults via skype or face to face. Based 10 km south of Rennes (35).
Counselling for Women in France
Counselling by phone/Skype for women suffering from anxiety, depression, alcohol problems or generally struggling to cope with life in Brittany.
Move Forward Counseling
Guidance and support for adults in transition or seeking positive life changes.
Julie Askew, PhD, Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Counsellor/Psychotherapist. Confidential therapy for individuals, couples and families via Skype or in person.
Anna Pathfinder
Life coaching for when youve decided to improve your life. Phone, Skype, email and face-to-face. Located in (35).
Feel Good In France
Are you feeling sad and anxious? Struggling to cope? Jacqui Groves provides phone counselling. Free 20 min session
Conseil Stress
Stress management and construction of self-esteem. Pain management, phobias, decision taking, challenging dependances.
Deborah Mends - Certified CBT Hypnotherapist
Hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy; brief, practical therapy focused on the now, through real dialogue and a relationship of trust. And yes, anyone can be a good hypnotic subject. In-person, Skype.
William Smith, MBACP, Online Counsellor
Confidential and supportive counselling online or by telephone for English speaking clients across France. Tailored to your needs, with a special understanding of the challenges and difficulties a new life abroad entails.
Dr. Kevin J Fleming, Ph.D.
Works internationally. Travels to the client via retreats/intensives for maximal change in the shortest possible time. Near 90 percent success in/with this model. All customized, discreet behavior change plans that match the brain and milieu of today's fa...