French Lessons & Language Schools

Alice Kleim
Offers French lessons worldwide through Skype.
French language school offering semester courses, language support and intensive summer programs. 
Dialogue France
One to one French language courses. 
French Today
Online French lessons through audio method.
Sophie Doucet cours particuliers
Private French classes for all levels.  Based in Pleugueneuc, Department 35
The Ciel Bretagne
Exclusive French language school offering French courses of various levels.
French Alliance De Rennes Bretagne
Basic and advanced French Language courses.
Rennes Language Center
Advanced and basic level courses for French language. Also offers courses in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Arab and Breton.
Langue & Communication
French classes for individual, businesses, diplomats, organisations and universities. 
Cap Fle
French language course for adults and adolescents at all levels. Offers private, group and online courses.
School Britannia
French and english lessons for adults and children aged 3 to 10 years.