Gardens to Visit: Morbihan

Located at Chateau de Kerambarh, Landaul (56). large gardens with orangerie, roses and a labyinthe.
Parc de Branfere
Botanical, animal and bird park in 35 hectares of land. Educational programmes for children during the holidays. Terrace snack-bar/restaurant and ch√Ęteau visits. At Le Guerno, directions on the Web site.
Les Jardins d'Ewen
Located at Remungol (56). Gardens including an English one, shop and farm animals.
Located at Chateau de Kerlevenan, Sarzeau (56). Visit the gardens, Chateau, Chapel and monument in the grounds.
Kerusten Jardin
Located at Ploerdut (56). Floral gardens, over 400 different roses, trees and gardens to stroll around.
The Island of Groix and Francois Le Bail Nature reserve
Discover the geological reserve on the island of Groix. Learn about various topics linked to costal wildlife, flora and ornithology.
Parc de Kerguehennec
Located at Domaine de Kerguehennec, Bignan (56). Park and sculpture garden. Restaurant on site.
Jardin de la Venus
Located at Baud (56). Large park open all year to the public.
Le Grand Courtil
Located at Rannuec (par Dilliec), Saint Nolff (56). The park is open at weekends and features a large forest, botanic garden and some rare plants.
Located at Branderion (56). Includes an English garden.
Jardin Le Coscro
Located at Chateau du Coscro, Lignol (56). The park is open to the public and group visits are welcome all year.