Hotels: Bain de Bretagne & Loire Borders

Hotel Kyriad Le Chene
Situated at zi Sud Est r Bignon, Chantepie (35). Restaurant and bar with terrace, free WiFi, private parking and disabled facilities.
Hotel Les Loges **
Located at Les Loges r Moulin, Chantepie (35). Restaurant, bar, conference facilities - working breakfast, working day, full board conference package, half board conference package. Simple room rent and exhibitions.
Le Vieux Fox
Hotel with 16 rooms, based at 16 rue de la Poste, Loheac (35).
Hotel Floreal **
Located at 20 r Rigourdiere, Cesson Sevigne (35). Restaurant, buffet, cocktail bar, conference facilities (up to 130 people) and parking.
Les Palis ***
Situated at 15 pl Eglise, Grand Fougeray (35). Hotel and restaurant serving regional cuisine with a maritime flavour, access to free WiFi and ADSL, bar, room available for meetings, receptions, business lunches, dinners and seminars.
Hotel de la Croix verte
Situated at 10 PL Henri 4, Bain de Bretagne (35). Restaurant and bar.
Hotel Formule 1
Situated at ecoparc r Newton, Montgermont (35). Ideal for a stopover, bar and parking.
Le Relais des Arcandiers ***
Located at 5 r Stade, Loheac (35). Large restaurant serving traditional food, conference facilities, parking, full or half board catered for.
Hotel Formule 1 Rennes Nord Montgermont
Situated at Ecoparc rue Newton, Montgermont (35). Ideal for a stop over, parking and German spoken.
Le Relais Des Arcandiers
Hotel - Restaurant with 16 rooms at 5 rue du Stade, Loheac (35).
Cafe du Village
Situated at 21 rue de la poste, Loheac (35). Nine fully equipped rooms situated in a 16th century edifice. Evening meal and wine Cave. "Petanque" pitch, billiards table.