Hotels: Bruz & Chateaugiron

Cice Blossac Golf Resort
Situated at Dom Cice Blossac, Bruz (35). Hotel, restaurant, golf course, appartments, spa and conference facilities.
Hotel Restaurant de la Gare
Situated at 43 av Jules Tricault, Bruz (35). Hotel, restaurant, bar and parking.
Best Western Hotel Ker Lann
Situated at Ker Lann, Bruz (35). Hotel, restaurant and bar.
Hotel de Bretagne - Bruz **
Situated at Haut Launay av Joseph Jan, Bruz (35). Wifi access and private parking.
Le Jacq-Expo
Situated at Le Reynel, Bruz (35). Hotel and bar.
Auberge du Cheval Blanc
Situated at 9, rue de la Madeleine, Chateaugiron. Simple food for everyone.
Auberge de Rean
Situated at 86 route de Redon, Bruz. Gourmet cuisine.