Kids' Days Out: Morbihan

Univers du Poete Ferrailleur
Located at La Ville Stephant, Lizio. Museum of toys for both adults and children. Open all year.
Abeille Vivante & la Cite des Fourmis
A bee and ant farm where children can see the insects at work. Also an exhibition of old bee-keeping tools and equipment. Commentary in English. At Kercadoret, Le Faouet.
Musee De Poupees
Doll museum situated at chat Josselin, Josselin (56).
Ice Skating - Vannes
Situated at Route de Ste Anne. Open all year.
Chez Dame Nature
Located at Pencleux, Meslan. Animal park with rare animals, miniature animals, goats, deer, pony riding, picnic area and amble parking. Access for disabled people.
Tropical Parc
Tropical and exotic birds (with a special parakeet show), animals and plants in 8 acres of parkland. Also an area fro Asian art. At St Jacut les Pins.
Labyrinthe du Corsaire
Maze in a maize field, bouncy castles, giant puzzle, pedal carts, snack/drink kiosk. Open from middle of July to middle of September. In Kerdrien, Guidel, near Lorient (56).
R Game Aventure Park
Open every day at 2 rue du Houx, Quelneuc have a go at paint-balling or the adventure Park.
Parc de Prehistorie de Bretagne
Set in 20 hectares you will find 30 life-size scenes of people and animals starting with dinosaurs - stegosaurus, tyranosaurus. Then human evolution from our most distant ancestor Homo erectus to present. Based at Malansac (56)
The World Farm (Ferme du Monde)
Take a journey by foot or by train into the world of animals, here the animals from 5 different continents all live in 25 hectares of meadows and woodland at Le Bois Brassu.
Insectarium de Lizio: Insect World
Discover a world of insects, food, colours and habitat. Open from April through to September 30th every day and by reservation for the rest of the year. Dept 56.
Poete Ferrailler
Sculptor/creator/artist creates machines, toys, musical sculptures and more from waste material. Open daily 1 April to end October and open Sundays and holidays November to March. Special rates for children up to 14 years. At La Ville Stephant, Lizio (56
La Thalassa - Decouverte de lOceanologie
Learn about the ships scientific missions, research oceanography and fishing techniques. The visit an exhibition of Lorient fishing and various temporary stands. "Treasure hunt" especially designed for children. Based at Quai de Rohan (56).
Pedagogic Farm of Kerlac
Discover the life of the farm (cows and calves, farmyard animals…) for a day or a stay. The farm is able to welcome groups from six years old, for a day, one week or more. At Kerlac, Molac (56).
Le Clos du Tay
Rent a donkey and discover severals paths in the surroundings of the Tay village in La Gacilly. Renting is possible for half a day, a day, a week end or a week. Open all year on reservation at Le Tay, La Gacilly (56).
La Tour Davis, Base des Sous-Marins de Keroman
The guides at this submariners museum are specialists in diving. Theres a simulator built in 1942 that was used to train the divers. Open every Sunday September to June from 14:00-18:00; July and August every day 13:30 - 18:30.
Parc Aquanature - Priziac
Vast natural park with buck, aquariums, horse and 4x4 trails, and a "Safari Breton".Open daily from Easter to November. Stone houses for overnight stays sleep 6 to 8. At Le Sterou, Priziac.
Situated at boulevard Francois Mitterrand, Ploemeur, Lorient (56). Indoor water complex located south-west of the town.
Parc Animalier : Animal Park
Close to Meslan (56) stroll around 7 hectares and discover the animals such as deer, wallabys, goats, pigs, highland cows and ponys. Children can also enjoy the play parks.
3G Karting
Kart rental from age 7; 2 and 4 stroke engines. Also 2 wheeler pocket bikes. At Circuit de la Pyramide, Guillac (56).
Insect museum situated at Rue du Stade, Lizio. Open April to September from 10:00 - 12:30 and 13:30 to 18:30, October to March every afternoon. Free parking.
La Ferme du Monde
The World Farm situated at Le Bois Brassu, Carentoir (56). Take a journey by foot or by train into a world of animal breeding and rearing. Here, animals from the 5 different continents all live in 25 hectares of meadows and woodland. Disabled access.
Aquarium de Vannes
This aquarium is concerned with conservation and includes species from cold, tropical and warm waters - sharks, eel, crocodiles, turtles and horseshoe crabs.
La Maison dArmorine "des niniches"
Learn about the creation of sweets eg salted butter caramel and niniche lollipops. Watch a film about the confectioners and enjoy sampling the sweets. Open all year Monday to Saturday from 09:30 - 12:30; 14:00 - 18:00. Based ZA Plein Ouest, Quiberon