Museums: Morbihan

Old Folk Crafts Museum
The Lizio Folk museum has recreated old world shops, farms., workshops, schools and more for the modern visitor to see how things were done. 70,000 objects on over 2000m2 exhibition space. Open daily. 4km from Lizio, on the D174, direction Ploermel.
Ecomuseum de St Degan Brech
Interactive outdoors museum of traditional farming. Regular short term exhibitions and events. At St-Degan, Brech.
Insect museum situated at Rue du Stade, Lizio. Open April to September from 10:00 - 12:30 and 13:30 to 18:30, October to March every afternoon. Free parking.
Musee du Velo
Situated at veloparc domaine de Manehouarn, Plouay (56). Bicycle museum with bar and picnic area.
Musee De Poupees
Doll museum situated at chat Josselin, Josselin (56).
La Tour Davis
The guides at this submariners museum are specialists in diving. Theres a simulator built in 1942 that was used to train the divers. Open every Sunday September to June, July and August every day. Based at Base des Sous-Marins de Keroman, Lorient.
Ecomusee de lile de Groix
This museum features a 700m2 permanent exhibition about the heritage and history of the island which was once Frances leading tuna-fishing harbour, also discovery trails, seamans events and a visit to a fisherman/farmers house. Based at Port
Musee des Chateaux en allumettes
Castle Museum of matches located at 12 rue du Calvaire Bizole, Trefleon (56). Includes castles and chapels made out of matches. Open May to late October: Monday, Tuesday: 14:00 - 19:00, Wednesday and Sunday 09:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 19:00. Free entry.
Auray et Ses Cicuits du Patrimoine
There are 3 circular trails to choose from to discover the history of the local heritage - 33 information panels dotted around the town. Alternatively, follow the ermine trail - a trail of golden nails on the ground bearing the Auray coat-of-arm.
Musee De La Compagnie Des Indes
Museum displays textiles, porcelain, spices, teas and other items bought back from India. At the Citadelle de Port-Louis, Lorient (56).
Chateau du Plessis-Josso
This 14th century fortified manor house with its 15th century central building still features its fortified wall. Guided visits from 1st July to 31st August and by appointment the rest of the year.
Musee de la Resistance Bretonne
Six exhibition halls and 6 hectares of parkland showing major events and items from WWII. Information in English. Open daily except Tuesday, easy parking, picnics and dogs welcome. At St Marcel-Malestroit, between Vannes and Ploermel.
Musee National de la Marine - Port Louis
The naval rooms are devoted to the extraordinary world of sea rescue, both past and present. Another room shows the fascinating world of under water archaelogy.
Maison de la Mytiliculture a Penestin
In the little harbour of Trehiguier, the lighthouse features an exhibition about mussel farming and the trade of the mussel farmer through photos, models, tools and videos. Stunning view of the Vilaine estuary from the balcony.
Musee de Prehistoire de Carnac
Open all year at 10 Place de la Chapelle (56) see over 6,000 archaeological exhibits from 450,000 B.C. to the Gallo-Roman era. It houses a collection on European megalithic culture. Based at 10 Place de la Chapelle (56).
Musee Les Sanglots Longs
Super museum created to commemorate the war: relics of WWII, also a collection of radios and memorabilia from the Indochina and Algerian campaigns. At 14 bis rue de la Piscine, Reguiny.
Musee des Arts & Metiers
Museum of popular art and tradition; studios with examples of the tools and works of craftsmen and schools from the start of the 20thC. Closed Mondays. At Largueven, St Gildas de Rhuys.
Village de lan Mil
Reconstruction of a Mediaeval village: homes, work and gardens. Guided visits possible. At Lann Gouh, Melrand.
Musee de la Resistance Bretonne
Situated at Les Hardys Behellec, Saint Marcel (56).
Ecomusee des Vieux Metiers: Old Crafts Folk Museum
A reconstruction of old-fashioned shops, farm houses, buildings, craftmens workshops and a 1900 schoolroom. Over 70,000 tools, old furniture, objects and clothing. Based in 56.
Musee de la Compagnie des Indes/Ville de Lorient
Displayed here are historical documents and different items such as models, fabrics and pieces of porcelain and furniture recalling how Lorient was linked with the French East India company in the 17th and 18th centuries. Based at La Citadelle.
Cairn de Gavrinis
Ancient site with dolmen on the Gavrinis island in the Morbihan gulf. Visit price includes ferry crossing. Reservation necessary. At Larmor Baden.
Ecomusee Industriel des Forges
Founded in 1860 to supply the Breton canning factories with tin plate, Hennebont foundry closed one century later. 18 rooms featuring films, models etc. Based at Mail Francois Giovannelli (56).
La Tisserie:Weaving exhibition and workshop
Learn about the weaving trade across the world. This exhibition ranges from archaeology to the techniques of the Dogon people from Mali. The fabrics being woven in the workshop illustrate the fine tradition of weaving. Based at Rue Vincent Renaud(56).
Musee de Prehistoire
Museum displaying 450,000 years of history with 6,000 artefacts to take you through the everyday life of the inhabitants of Carnac through time. Free entry for under 18s. At 10 Place de la Chapelle, Carnac.
Chateau de Josselin
Doll museum in the medieavel castle. Guided visits in English available at request. At 3 rue des Trente, Josselin (56).
Chateau Musee de Poupees
At the Chateau Josselin, guided tours through this renaissance chateau with exhibition of 600 dolls and paintings. English-language tours on reservation. At 3 rue des Trente, Josselin.
Megalithes de Monteneuf
This sight houses one of the largest sets of standing stones in inland Brittany. Tours and family workshops are available to learn about daily life in prehistoric times - lighting fires, making pottery etc. Based at 1 rue des Menhirs (56).
Musee Jean Charles Chapput
Over 3,000 paintings, 1,000 drawings, sculptures and ceramic ornaments. There is also a modern art exhibition. Open from April to September. Located at Le Prieure, route de Sixt s/ Aff, La Chapelle Gaceline (56).
Chateau de Suscinio
Entirely restored castle from the 13thC to 15thC at Sarzeau.
Musee des Ecoles Militaires
Military museum showing uniforms, vehicles, artworks and relics of war. At St-Cyr Coetquidan, Guer (56).
Postcard museum with over 30,000 old postcards from France. Trace the history and traditions of Brittany. Also slide show, jigsaws multimedia demos and English tours. At rue dAuray, Baud.
Musee du Cidre
Cider museum: see the traditional manufacture method of the regional beverage, from apple to refreshing drink. Kids tours and wheelchair access. At route de Lann-Vrihan, Le Hezo (on the RD780).
Guided Tours of Pontivy
Tours of a 15th century Chateau des Rohan; old town, imperial "Napoleonville", 16th-century Saint-Meriadec de Stival Church; 15th - 17th century La Houssaye and sainte-trephine Chapels; Les recollets windmill museum (history of windmills).
Saint-Degan, Ecomusee du Pays
Set in the heart of Saint-Degan village, this museum evokes three centuries of rural life. Visit traditional thatched cottages. Activities are available all year round according to the season.