Music, Instruments & Pianos: Ille et Vilaine

Guitare NKO
Situated at 50 rue Antrain, Rennes (35). Sale of guitars (new and second hand), amps and sheet music.
Studio Rock
Situated at 11 rue Vieux Cours, Rennes (35). Sale, hire and tuning of pianos, plus sheet music.
Rennes Majeur
Situated at 7 rue Horloge, Rennes (35). Sale of second hand and new instruments as well as sheet music.
Fessan Julien
Situated at 10 rue St Nicolas, Bain de Bretagne (35). Sale of musical instruments and accessories
Chuberre Josephane
Situated at Mouligne, Domagne (35). Sale and repair of pianos, also other instruments.
Accord Majeur
Situated at 44 rue Georges Clemenceau, Saint Malo (35). Sale and repair of pianos.
Situated at 19 rue Chateaubriand, Fougeres (35). Sale of second hand and new instruments.
West Piano
Situated at ZA Confortland rte du Meuble, Melesse (35). Sale of pianos and accessories, as well as tuning arranged.
Le Piano a Bretelles
Specialists in accordions. Situated at 24 rue Chateaudun, Rennes (35).
Situated at Centre Commercial Cora ZAC de la Giraudais, Pace (35). Sale of musical instruments, sheet music, books and cds.
Situated at 10 rue de Plelo, Rennes (35). Sale of musical instruments and sheet music.
Situated at 27 rue Pompe, Rennes (35). Sale of musical instruments.
Situated at 74 mail Francois Mitterrand, Rennes (35). Specialist shop for pianos.