Online & Distance Therapy Services

Brittany Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Brittany.

Jilly Bentley
Humanistic, integrative counselling for groups, training, one to one, couples, face to face and via internet.
Chantal Helene
Provides one-2-one-coaching using psychological techniques in conjunction with NLP and Hypnotherapy. Works face to face, with skype, webcam and telephone.
Dr. Mathilde Drouffe
Specialises in dealing with adolescents, adults and the elderly dealing with problems related to depression, stress, anxiety, sleeping disorder, bipolar disorders and personality disorders.
Jacqueline Spence
Offers counselling for alleviating personal distress and suffering, enhancing the quality of relationships and increasing personal effectiveness.
Rachel Cox
Offers multi-disciplinary integrative counseling, CBT, mediation within families and work places and NLP. Works face to face as well as skype.
Linda Uttley
1 to 1 in person Hypnotherapy, Align2life and Reiki sessions in St Agathon, Brittany and worldwide via skype. Also offers assisted learning and therapy in private and group sessions.
Barbara Hann
A psychotherapeutic counsellor and cyber therapist, offers psychodynamic therapy and mindfulness, as well as CBT and coaching techniques.
William Smith
Online counselling session for english speaking individuals dealing with depression and stress management.
Dr. Jodi Pawluski
A neuroscientist and therapist, offers services in support of peripartum mental health through online counselling. Based in Servon-sur-Vilaine.
Julie Askew
Counsellor offers intensive couples therapy. Online and in person counselling.
Annie Galand
Counselling services for adults and couples.
Conseil Stress
Stress management, preparation for child birth, hypnosis, postpartum depression and hypnosis for children. Online counselling.
Cate Talbot
Counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and clinical supervision for individuals, couples, families and small groups.