Restaurants: Pontivy

Marrakech Breizh Al
Situated at 25 rue Lourmel, Pontivy (56).
Aux Berges du Blavet Terroir et Patrimoine
Located at 2 Place Ruynet du Tailly, Pontivy. Traditional food, also hotel and bar.
Robic Terroir et Patrimoine
Located at 2, rue J. Jaures, Pontivy. Restaurant is open every day apart from Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Traditional cooking. Cocktail bar and hotel offering conference facilities.
Restaurant Robic
Situated at 2 rue Jean Jaures, Pontivy (56). Traditional food served.
Restaurant Vietnamien
Traditional Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Take-away orders accepted. At 14 rue General de Gaulle, Pontivy (56).
Traditional English cuisine including Sunday roast dinner and live-music nights. Functions and parties. At 20, Rue do Pont, Pontivy (56).
Located at 12 rue Francois Mitterrand, Pontivy. Gourmet cuisine.
Le Cul de Poule
Traditional Breton style food at this restaurant and creperie at 67 rue Nationale, Pontivy.
Le Vesuve
Situated at 49 rue Gen de Gaulle, Pontivy (56). Pizzeria and grill. Closed Saturday lunchtime, Sunday and Wednesday evening.
Pizzeria Grill Saint Georges
Situated at 40 rue Marengo, Pontivy (56).
La Pommeraie
Situated at 17 quai Couvent, Pontivy (56). Gastronomic restaurant and groups welcome. Closed Sunday and Monday.
Le Cherazad
Located at 15 Place Anne de Bretagne, Pontivy. Traditional Moroccan cruise and salads. Open from 12:00 to 13:30 and 18:30 to 22:00. Closed Sunday and Monday afternoons.
Laiglon Club Terroir et Patrimoine
Located at 42, rue General de Gaulle, Pontivy. Traditional food and pizzas. Seats 200 people.
Auberge de lIle
Situated at 3 rue Fontaine, Pontivy (56). Traditional and world wide cuisine. Parking and out door seating.
Restaurant de la Rocade
Situated at Centre Leclerc, rue Ste Noyale, Pontivy (56). Regional cuisine. Can cater for large groups.
Located at ZAC de St Niel, Pontivy (56). Grilled food and bar open from 11:00 to 23:00 non stop
OQuebec - Le Globe Trotter
Located at 3 bis rue Noble, Pontivy. Bar, hotel and restaurant serving world cuisine.