Restaurants: Quiberon

Restaurant La Marine
Situated at Port Haliguen bd Teignouse, Quiberon (56). Panoramic restaurant.
Creperie Fleurie
Situated at 12 Place du Repos, Quiberon (56). groups welcome up to 28 people.
Au Bistrot du Varquez
Situated at pl Varquez pl Marche, Quiberon (56). Seafood platters, childrens menu and play area.
Restaurant Le Corsaire
Situated at 24 qu Belle Ile, Quiberon (56). Traditional food and seafood platters. Closed throughout January.
Sofitel Thalassa****
Located at Pointe du Goulvars, BP 10802, Quiberon. At the extremity of the Peninsula, close to the beach, facing Belle-Ile-en-Mer. Reception, bar and restaurant. Heated sea-water pool. Open from end of January to end of December.
Restaurant du Casino
Situated at 2 bd Rene Cassin, Quiberon (56). Restaurant with panoramic views serving seafood platters, bar and music over the weekends. Open throughout the year.
Restaurant le Relais
Situated at 64 r Roch Priol, Quiberon (56). Specialising in fish and seafood.
Restaurant le Neptune
Situated at Port Maria, Quiberon (56).
Hotel AParc Tehuen*
Situated at 28 Rue du Roch Priol, Quiberon (56). Open from beginning of May to end of September. Restaurant open to the public, private parking, groups accepted and dogs allowed.
Restaurant LHuitriere
Situated at 3 rue Port Maria, Quiberon (56). Panoramic views and specialising in seafood platters.
Restaurant Le Relax
Situated at 27 bd Castero, Quiberon (56). Open all year with views of the bay. Specialising in seafood platters.
Restaurant Roch Priol
Situated at 1 rue Sirenes, Quiberon (56). Seafood platters.
Restaurant Le Turbotin
Situated at 8 quai Houat, Quiberon (56).
Pizzeria Abri Cotier
Situated at 2 pl Duchesse Anne, Quiberon (56). Also serving traditional cusine.
Au Bon Accueil
Situated at 6 quai Houat, Quiberon (56). Sea food restaurant.
Restaurant La Chaumine
Located at 36 pl Manemeur, Quiberon (56). Seafood menu and open from 1st April to 9th November.
Creperie du vieux port in Quiberon
Restaurant serving Breton pancakes near the old harbour. At 42 rue Surcouf, Quiberon (56).
Villa Margot
Situated at 7 rue Port Maria, Quiberon (56). Gastro cuisine and tea room.
Hotel Bellevue***
Situated at Rue de Tiviec, BP 30341, Quiberon. Heated pool in the garden, close to the Thalassotherapy. Pets are not allowed in the restaurant. Open from 1st April to end of September.
Isseau Restaurant Cafe
Situated at 10 pl Port Haliguen, Quiberon (56). Seafood platters and food of the World.