Rugby Clubs: Finistere

Rugby Club des Abers
Situated at Kerveguen, Plabennec (29). Training and competitions.
Rugby club Concarnois
Situated at Kerandon 9 r Cypres, Concarneau (29). Training and competitions.
Rugby Club Iroise Saint Renan
Situated at Stade de Bel Air, rue Racine, Saint Renan (29). Training and tournements.
Rugby Club du Pays de Morlaix
Situated at Terrain de Keranroux, rue Keranroux, Pleyber Christ (29). Training and matches.
Rugby Club Plabennec
Situated at Stade Keroriou, avenue de Kerveguen, Plabennec (29). Training and tournement matches.
U R Landerneau
Situated at Z A Saint Ernel, Landerneau (29). Training and tournements for all levels.
Rugby Club Bigouden Pont LAbbe
Situated at Complexe Jean Pierre Fauche, Rue du Douric Coz, Pont LAbbe (29). Matches and training.
Rugby Club Clederois
Situated at Maison des Associations, Rue de Kermenguy, Cleder (29). Training and competitions for all age groups.
Rugby Club Carhaix
Situated at Rugby Club Carhaix, Office des Sports, Bd de la République, Carhaix (29). Training and competitions.
Rugby Club Quimperois
Situated at 244 rte Douarnenez, Quimper (29). Training and competitions.
Plouzane Athletic Club Rugby
Situated at Keramaze, Plouzane (29). Training and competitions.
Rugby Football Club Kastellin
Situated at Chateaulin (29). Open for under 7s, 9s, 11s, 15s and adults for training and competitions.
Douarenez Rugby Athletic Club
Situated at 4 Rue Lucie Aubrac, Douarenez (29). Training and competitions for all levels.
Presquile Rugby
Situated at 38 Rue de Menez Gorre, Crozon (29). Training and competitions for all levels.
Rugby Landivisien
Located at bd Republique, Landivsien (29). For over 7s, under 9s, 11s, 13s, 15s and also adults. Training and also matches taking on teams throughout Brittany.
Rugby Club Landivisien
Situated at Stade Kerivoal, Landivisiau (29). Training and tournements.
Rugby Olympique Club Kemperle
Situated at Stade Alexis Toulliou, Kervidanou, Quimperle (29). Training and tournements for all ages.
Celtics - Crusaders
Situated at Stade Municipal, rue de Bellevue, Pors Al Louch, Plounevez Lochrist (29). Tournement matches and training.
Comite Departemental du Finistere
Situated at 21 chemin de Kervigou, Quimper (29). Association in charge of rugby schools throughout Finistere.
B.U.C Rugby (Brest Universite Club)
Situated at 31 rue Commdt Drogou, Brest (29). Training and competitions, open to all.