Rugby Clubs: Ille et Vilaine

Rugby Club de LHermine
Situated at Ploudalmezeau (35). Training and tournement matches.
Rugby Rennes Etudiants Club
Situated at rue Prof Maurice Audin, Rennes (35). Training and competitions for all levels.
Stade Rennais Rugby
Situated at Stade velodrome, 10 rue Alphonse Guerin, Rennes (35). Female rugby club, including juniors playing in the top 10.
Fougeres Rugby Club
Situated at Stade Maison Blanche, Terrain C, Fougeres (35). Training and competition matches.
SC Le Rheu
Situated at Route de Cintre, Beuffru, Cedex 76, Le Rheu (56). Training and competition matches
Rugby Club Redonnais
Situated at Stade Municipal, avenue Joseph Ricordel, Redon (35). Training and competitions.
Amicale Laique de Melesse
Situated at Stade Le Champ Courtin, Melesse (35). Training and tournement matches.
Cercle Jules Ferry (St Malo)
Situated at Stade Hippodrome de Marville, Avenue de Marville, St Malo (35). Training and competition matches.
R C L Aber Wrac C
Situated at Stade le Grouanec, Plouguerneau (29). Tournement matches and training.
Rugby Olympic Club Bruzois
Situated at Stade Simon Belliard, 21 rue Pierre de Coubertin, Bruz (35).
Federation Francaise de Rugby
Situated at 33 r Frebardiere, Chantepie (35). Training, education and competition for all ages.
Club de Rugby dAcigne
Situated at Complexe Sportif Lande Guerin, Rue des Veraudais, Acigne (35). Training and competitions for all age groups.
Amicale Laique Rugby Cancale
Situated at 49 rue du Port, Cancale (35). Training and regular matches with over clubs based in Brittany.
Aurore de Vitre
Situated at Stade Sportif de St Etienne, allee de Saint Etienne, Vitre (35). Training and competitions.
Les Louarns Rugby Club
Situated at Stade de la Fleuriais, Bain de Bretagne (35). Training and competitions, open to all.
Saint Pere Rugby Club
Situated at Complexe Sportif Francis Poirier, La Petite Ecluse, Saint Pere (35). Training and competitions.