Tennis, Squash & Racquet Sports

Bowling l Eclipse
Squash courts and restaurant located at zone commerciale le Lion de Saint-Marc, Lannion (22).
Espace Bois de Soeuvres
Squash, tennis and badminton courts located at rte Chantepie, Vern Sur Seiche (35).
Polysonnance Association : Badminton Club
Based at Gymnase Marie Curie, rue Raoul Anthony, Chateaulin (29).
Patronage Laique Municipal: Badminton Club
Situated at Omnisport de la Cavale Blanche, avenue de la Liberation, Brest (29).
Pont Bilio
Squash courts and lessons available at Pont Bilio, Elven (56).
Squash de Kerhillio
Squash courts and lessons available at Kerhillio, Erdeven (56).
Club de Locmaria
Squash and tennis courts located at 19 all Banellou, Quimper (29).
Top Form
Squash courts for hire plus lessons available at ZA de Kerhoas 6 r Bretagne, Larmor Plage (56).
Badminton Club Loudeac
Situated at Loudeac (22). Courses for all ages from seven years old.
Top Squash
4 squash courts located at ZA de Kerhoas 6 rue Bretagne, Larmor Plage (56).
Le Garden Rennes
Tennis, squash and badminton courts located at Base de Loisirs des Gayeulles, rue Pierre Nougaro, Rennes (35).
Squash de LHermine
Squash courts for hire and lessons available at zac la Becassiere r Newton, Montgermont (35).
USB Section Badminton
Based at Salle Omnisports, rue du Semnon. Leisure and competitive badminton, teams or individuals. Various sessions throughout the week according to age and level.
Table Tennis
Situated at CLAP (Culture Loisirs Animation) in Plounevezel or in the salle multi-fonctions on Wednesdays at 18:00 throughout the year - free of charge.
Squash Club de Brest
Squash courts plus lessons available at 108 r Hoche, Brest (29).
Fun Club 35
Squash courts for hire plus lessons available at 5 r Pierre Gourdel, Rennes (35).
TCR (Tennis Club de la Rance)
Tennis and squash courts available for hire and lessons at La Hallerais, Taden (22).
LAmicale Laique
Based at Salle Lucien Poulard, Redon (35). Badminton club open to adults and children, with a junior badminton school on Saturday mornings.
Badminton club at Tredion near Malestroit
Leisure and competition. We are a small friendly club. open to all levels. Presently have a team in D4, soon hopeing to form 2 teams, D3 and D5. No forced training! Just come and play. Call me for more details.