Walking, Hiking & Climbing: Cotes d'Armor

Discover the Medieval Town of Dinan
Every Thursday throughout the summer at 17:00, departing from the tourist office, Dinan. This covers the remparts, churches and buildings of interest.
Visit to Saint Quay - Pontrieux
G.R.34. 5.5 km long, along by the sea, within the town limits. A walk going along the steep coastline which enables you to see both the coast and the amazing houses built at the beginning of the last century, such as "Kermoor".
Base de Loisirs de Pont-Querra - Plemet
Water sports including sailing and wind surfing situated at Plemet (22).
La Maison de la Baie
Nature reserve organising walks, courses and exhibitions based on the wildlife and fauna of the area. Situated at Site de lEtoile, Hillion (22).
Dinan,through the centuries
Discover daily life in Dinan from the Middle Ages to present.
Dinan, from harbour to the medieval fortress
Follow in the footsteps of the Breton burghers who traded in Dinan at the end of the Middle Age. Visit lasts around 2 hours from Dinan tourist office (22).
Climbing club based at 20 rue Notre-Dame, Loudeac (22).
Ramparts and Cathedrals:the builders legacy
English speaking guide to take you round a castle and a visit to Cathedraloscope. Also includes lunch (22).
Les Grimpeurs Briochins
Climbing club based at c/o Quentin Devemy, rue de la Quintaine, Binic (22).
Guerledan Escalade
Climbing club based at Mur de Bretagne (22). Lessons and training given.
Visit to Trevron
Trevrons small historic treasures are the Chateau du Chalonge, a Celtic cross in the place de lEglise (12th-14th century), the Huballerie cross, Pestivien manor (12th century) and Saint-Laurent Church (15th-19th century).
Taden Village
Taden is situated on the historic Roman way from Corseul to Avranches and offers a rich cultural and natural heritage.
Visit to Saint-Carne
Saint-Carne was called "Seint Karnaya" in the 12th century - the Crosses of "LOurmee" and Le Chesne-Ferron from the Middle Ages, those of Le Chaffaux and "La Touche" from the 18th century and the "Pont-Roux".
Mur Deau Bretagne
Climbing club based at 3, rue du Penquer , Saint Carre, Lanvellec (22).
Fort La Latte
Castle La Latte, Frehel (22) remains a fortified castle. The XIVth century defence system is still in place : curtains, towers, drawbridges and dungeon have travelled down the ages. Open all year round
Visit to Pontrieux
Starts from the Tourist Office ( 8 km, time taken: 2H30). You will take in the Moulin Saint-Michel (St Michaels Mill), with a magnificent panoramic view of Saint-Quay Portrieux and the bay. Details available from the tourist office or their website.
La Maison de la Rance
Situated on Dinan harbour, the maison de la Rance presents the particular features of the Valley of the Rance and its surroundings.
Les Alpinistes Armoricains
Climbing club based at 14, allee des Bles dOr, Maroue (22).
Pearls of The Emerald Coast
Includes tour of Dinan, trip on the Rance and a visit to Dinard.
Chateau des Aubiers (Hillion)
Situated at Hillion (22). Visit the exterior of the Chateau and both the exterior and interior of its Chapel. There is also a park and farm.
Treasure Hunt - Lannion
The Lannion Tourist Office offers you a fun way to discover the historic town of Lannion. Take off through the old part of town and find the hidden answers and diplomas.
Roch N Bloc
Climbing club based at Roch N Bloc Escalade, Communaute de Communes, Pontrieux (22). Min age 6.
Bobital Commune
Bobital has the advantage of being close to two lakes created by dams on the River Guinefort. There is the church, historic presbytery and several wayside crosses to discover.
Chapelle de Locmaria
The chapel, which stands in the cemetery, contains a fine 16c rood screen adorned with coloured wooden statues of the Apostles on one side. Situated half a mile towards Tregrom and up an uphill road to the right. Located at Belle Isle en Terre (22).
Visit to Lanvallay
The "Old Town" with 13th century houses, the site of the "Old River", former course of the Rance, and the Vieux-Pont at the harbour (15th to 20th century). There are also panoramic views over Dinan (22).
Bois de Lann-ar-Waremm
Situated at Pleumeur Bodou (22), north-west of Lannion. this is a 750 acre forest with many walking, horse riding and cycling routes.
Foret de Loudeau
Situated north-east of the town this forest is 6,250 acres of ideal walking terrain - no cycling or riding allowed, and is hole to large numbers of stags, roe-deer and wild boar.
Chateau de la Grandville
Situated on the road to four ways St brieuc-brest N12 (fork to Chatelaudren), Bringolo (22). Ideal for a walk and to see the gardens. Open Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 - 18:00 throughout the year.
Climbing club based at Service des Sports, 32 Rue Bertrand Robidou, Dinan (22).
Club Escalade Armor Argoat
Climbing club based at Mairie, Plouisy (22).
Chateau de la Hunaudaye
Situated at Pledeliac (22). Admire the 5 towers of Hunaudaye Castle, a typical fortress complete with moats and drawbridge. Stroll along the rampart walk to discover all the nooks and crannies of this castle dating from 13th and 15th Century.
Visit to Le Hingle
Le Hingle is famous for granite working which was the main activity in the town from the 19th century up until the 1960s. Until 1800, it employed workers from the whole area. The Barrage du Guinefort dam is worth a visit.
Tour of Calorguen
Calorguen has a Church of Saint-Hubert (1584-1788-1838), historic houses, windmills and lock-gates of Boutron and Le Mottay. Dont miss the historic 18th century washhouses at "La Huballerie" and "La Basse Roussais".
Cordee Perrosienne
Climbing club based at 1, rue des Dunes , Ile Grande, Pleumeur Bodou (22).