Walking, Hiking & Climbing: Ille et Vilaine

Historie(s) de jardins, usages et paysages
Discover the history and beauty of gardens, includes remains of walls and a village from the Middle Ages in Rennes (35). Tuesday - Friday 13:30 -17:30, Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 17:30.
Rennes Evasion Nature
Climbing club based at 35 e rue J.M. Huchet, Rennes (35). Training given.
GrimpAttitude *
Climbing club based at Chez Xavier HAAS, 5,rue Joseph Desmars, Redon (35).
C.A.F. Fougeres
Climbing club based at 11 allee de la Pierre Blanche, Fougeres (35).
La Tour DAuvergne
Climbing club based at 8 Passage du Couedic , BP 60408, Rennes (35).
Parigne Peat Bog
26 hectares of flora and vegetation characteristic of a wet acidic habitat provide ideal conditions for the development of a rich and varied fauna (insects, birds, Poitou mules) at Maison de la Tourbiere, 42 rue de la Mairie,Parigne (35).
Rennes Etudiants Club
Climbing club based at Campus de Beaulieu, Gymnase Universitaire, Rennes (35).
La Catherale St Vincent
Built from the 12th to 18th Centuries and partially destroyed during the Second World War. Interesting stained glass windows and church furniture. Based at St Malo (35).
Olympique Club Cessonnais
Climbing club based at 43, boulevard de Dezerseul, Cesson Sevigne (35).
Evasion Nature 35
Climbing club based at Base de Plein Air du Couesnon, 14 Rue du Couesnon, Mezieres-Sur-Couesnon (35).
Horizon Sport Nature
Climbing club based at Salle multifonctions, Dol de Bretagne (35). Training given.
Heidi Escalade
Climbing club based at Cosec - Stade Belliard , 21 Rue Pierre de Coubertin, Bruz (35).
Walking and Rambling Information
Based at Comite Departemental de la federation Francaise de Randonnee Pedestre, 13b avenue de Cucille, Rennes. This is the main office for all walking information in the department.
Sepal Escalade
Climbing club based at Complexe Sportif Les Longais, Thorigne-Fouillard (35).
Vertical Ouest Loisirs (Section Escalade)
Climbing club based at 32, rue de la Marbaudais, Rennes (35).
Chateau de Bonnefontaine - Antrain
15th-16th Breton renaissance style, surronded by English-style landscape gardens at Antrain.
La Bellangerais
Local walking club situated at Maison de Quartier, 5 rue du Morbihan, Rennes (35).
Park of the Chateau du Bois Cornille
Based at Route de Saint Christophe des Bois, Val dIze (35). The chateau, rebuilt in 1885, in the middle of a park designed by Buhler. Landscape garden and a French-style garden. The pond, surrounded by red beeches, can be crossed by 2 wooden bridges
C.A.S. I.N.S.A. Rennes Colepierres
Climbing club based at 20, avenue Buttes de Coesmes, Rennes (35).
Stones and Nature ( Pierre et Nature ) circuit
The pedagogical signposts all along this cross-country route will provide all the keys you need to explore the remarkable architectural features and the landscape. Based at Maison pierres et nature, Melle (35).
Grimp Attitude
Natural climbing sites near the campsite at Bains-Sur-Oust and another at St Vincent-Sur-Oust.
Roc et Mer
Climbing club based at c/o Laurence coquunot, Lhotel Mulet, St.Ideuc - St Malo (35).
Assault Vertical
Climbing Club based at 9, rue Pasteur, Chateaubourg (35).
Maison de Quartier Maurepas
Climbing club based at 32, rue de la Marbaudais, Rennes (35). Training given.
Nature Reserve - Cancale
The lle des Landes is home to one of the largest sea bird colonies including shag and black backed gulls at the Pointe Grouin headland at Cancale.
Horizon Vertical
Outdoor activity centre, including mountain biking, orienteering and climbing. Based at 1 rue des Stuarts, Dol de Bretagne (35).
Ferme de lAne de Gouttiere
Donkeys-hiking for family walks in the countryside. Based in Epiniac (35).
Escalade a Redon
Indoor climbing facilites available at Grimp Attitude, 5 rue Joseph Desmars, Redon (35). For ages 7 and upwards, open on Wednesdays from 14:00 - 16:00 and 16.:30 - 18:30.