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Conflict / considerations combining Micro-entrepreneur... 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Leif-Romell-1020565 · Updated: 1642414481 · Created: 1642359048
I'd be interested to hear from anyone who is the owner of a Ltd Co in the UK, resident in France and also registered as
French tyre laws. 9 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Dave Evans-439024 · Updated: 1642215808 · Created: 1316872165
I am absolutely baffled by the laws regarding tyres on cars in France. Over 3 years ago I was told that all 5 have to be
House clearance advice? 0 Home & Garden Started by: milo13-967849 · Updated: 1642155125 · Created: 1642155125
Good morning.Are there any house clearance companies near Guillac? I need to dispose of much of the furniture from my ho
Artisans for home renovation work 7 Home & Garden Started by: Minx915 · Updated: 1642092348 · Created: 1487410952
Looking for recommendations of trustworthy, reliable and affordable service in areas of plumbing, electricity, moving a
Long Term Car Parking in Barn/Field - Brittany/Normandy... 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Luke-Mellor-1019912 · Updated: 1642071498 · Created: 1641648388
Okay, if this sounds convoluted - it is. We are Anglo/Swedish family living in Northern Europe. Twice a year we visit my
English speaking estate agent 4 Financial & Legal Started by: Christine-Burns-1019170 · Updated: 1641468545 · Created: 1640853876
Hi. Could anyone recommend an English speaking estate agent please for a house valuation? Many thanks
floor boards 1 Home & Garden Started by: Garry-969396 · Updated: 1640968970 · Created: 1638127329
any one know the best place to buy tongue and groove floor boards near carhaix, usual diy places aren't thick enough
French registration 3 General Started by: Garry-969396 · Updated: 1640870931 · Created: 1640795796
hi, can I register myself in France and still live and pay my taxes in the U.K.
Saint Gilles du Mene 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Marilyn-KEELER-1012142 · Updated: 1640807058 · Created: 1638793326
Do you have a Property in Saint Gilles du Mene?We are looking for British families who live in the area, to give advice
UK Pension - Transferred to France Bank?!? 4 Financial & Legal Started by: andrew & elizabeth · Updated: 1640702084 · Created: 1640250290
As a permanent resident in France, which is the most cost effective - Having my monthly UK Pension transferred to my Fre
Yachting between Brittany and the UK this... 2 Sport & Leisure Started by: Farthing · Updated: 1640692165 · Created: 1417842562
I'm interested in sailing between Brittany and the UK this summer (2015 - and either way or both) with others. Is anyone
How to reset the password for an SFR router 6 General Started by: Farthing · Updated: 1640676810 · Created: 1502980226
Does anyone know how to reset the password on an SFR router?I have the latest SFR router for my fixed line and internet
Piano experts 9 General Started by: Bubble-409327 · Updated: 1640419129 · Created: 1381856008
Hello, Wondering if any piano experts who could give me a little advice before I commit into buying one. My neighbour wa
Paying tax in France when self employed 17 Financial & Legal Started by: Alice-Bugden -1017755 · Updated: 1640335169 · Created: 1639409603
Hi, need a little advice. I am moving to France in April 2022, and would like to continue with my self employed job in t
Boxing match tonight at Wembly 2 Sport & Leisure Started by: bran56 · Updated: 1640084088 · Created: 1493457823
Does anyone know if this is being shown live anywhere Thanks Bran
Can Tontine be voluntarily withdrawn by suceeding... 1 Financial & Legal Started by: James-Godfrey-1018238 · Updated: 1639936201 · Created: 1639846693
I believe that we had tontine clause inserted when we bought our property 16 years ago. My wife is deceased, we do not h
Banking from a mobile black-spot? 6 Financial & Legal Started by: David Jones XL5 · Updated: 1639647642 · Created: 1638963049
Hi, Since 2000, I have had an account with Credit Agricole so that I can pay for the utilities, taxes, etc. on my house
Wood 2 General Started by: Jill-George-1017833 · Updated: 1639492182 · Created: 1639486416
Hi has anyone got some dry wood for sale that they would be willing to deliver to Neulliac 56,we have been let down twic
Credit card - n/a according to LCL 15 Financial & Legal Started by: Wendyand Mark · Updated: 1639310500 · Created: 1317486851
Hi Can anyone help? I want a credit card so went to the bank (LCL) the only thing they can offer is a VISA premier card
Scam fire wood sellers bois de chauffage 0 General Started by: freckles21 · Updated: 1639173413 · Created: 1639173413
I have been scammed by a very proffessional looking site selling cordes of wood. They were advertising (and still are) o