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BBC iplayer 18 Entertainment Started by: Fred-Whittle-945980 · Updated: 1627036196 · Created: 1612283829
Has anyone found a way of being able to use bbc iplayer in France? I am loathe to pay for a vpn before I know it definit
Doctor for HGV medical 16 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: tredie · Updated: 1626863012 · Created: 1337707592
hi,does anybody know if there is a website with any info or a list of doctors who will carry out a medical for HGV licen
FREE ENGLISH / FRENCH TRANSLATION APP 17 General Started by: Graham-Broome-870130 · Updated: 1626858267 · Created: 1485986731
Hi All,I am due to spendconsiderable time renovating my home in Brittany throughout this year. Can you kindly recommend
English speaking mechanic near dinard/pleurtuit 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: ouvagrato · Updated: 1626727815 · Created: 1626727815
Mechanic to repair /replace rear axle seals on 1974 mk 1 transit, twin wheel camper van . Mobile mechanic preferably but
Covid testing 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Garry-969396 · Updated: 1626703748 · Created: 1626384087
Hi, does anyone know how I can get either a private PCR test or an Antigen test in the Carhaix area for return travel to
Sewage blockage 0 Home & Garden Started by: brigen · Updated: 1626701753 · Created: 1626701753
We have recently had a video inspection of out waste removal (Sewage and grey water combined) and the pipework is blocke
Traditional french roofing. 13 General Started by: nevets-400109 · Updated: 1626424249 · Created: 1182098356
I an English roofer with 30 years experience of roofing the 'English way'. I would like to ask similar qualifie
Can I travel to France (not jabbed) to sign... 5 Financial & Legal Started by: Jamie-Hunn-936185 · Updated: 1626417570 · Created: 1625850684
Hi all - for medical reasons I cannot have a vaccination. I live in the UK now but have a house in Brittany I am selling
Skype 11 Home & Garden Started by: Pledwick · Updated: 1626257352 · Created: 1201433828
Can anyone help with video talking on Skype? It is all set up on my computer and my daughter's and the webcams a
Residency Permit 20 AngloINFO Support Started by: rs-955 · Updated: 1626257337 · Created: 1623927383
In December 2020 I completed the purchase of a house in Cotes D'Amor and travelled on the 16th December 2020 to appraise
English bookshop in Josselin 2 General Started by: lakeman-415065 · Updated: 1626119203 · Created: 1626078670
Is the English bookshop in Josselin still in busines?
French plumbing terminology 0 Home & Garden Started by: Chris-Pink-998441 · Updated: 1625850992 · Created: 1625850992
I’ve just about got my head around the translation of 36 x 24 etc into BSP but I’m at a loss as to how to search for
Annone 2000 0 General Started by: lakeman-415065 · Updated: 1625682556 · Created: 1625682556
Has anyone used Annonce 2000 to sell unwanted items? If so how did it go?
Trash removal... 4 Home & Garden Started by: Lynne-M-997727 · Updated: 1625590658 · Created: 1625088783
Hello friends,I have an aging relative just outside of Dinan who has accumulated trash bags that need to be removed. The
Adding photos to Classifieds. 0 General Started by: lakeman-415065 · Updated: 1625572171 · Created: 1625572171
I can "drag & drop" one photo to a classified ad but seem unable to add another or two. Can anyone advise me? Thank
moving belongings back to the UK after sale... 2 General Started by: jo-miners-900810 · Updated: 1625420375 · Created: 1625387109
Hi, we have sold our second home in France and when we can get over there we intend to bring back some belongings but ha
INFORMATION NEEDED 5 General Started by: skydiver-437154 · Updated: 1624964699 · Created: 1622386349
Hello, just got my interview through from prefecture about residence permit....HOWEVER ITS 75 kilometres away in rennes,
House clearance after a death 2 Home & Garden Started by: lakeman-415065 · Updated: 1624791087 · Created: 1624696490
Does anyone have experience of disposing of the contents of a house, furniture, personal effects, etc, after the death o
Pool repair 2 Home & Garden Started by: michelle arthur-427741 · Updated: 1624698789 · Created: 1619851347
Hi. Can anyone recommend a swimming pool company to renovate a leaking pool ! We’re in Brittany but bordering 44/53/49
French Driving licenec 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: jandave · Updated: 1624674357 · Created: 1624348647
Does anyone have any information on changing an English Licence to a French one please, sites to use whether I can find