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taxi 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
does anyone know how much a taxi would be, roughly, from St Malo to Rohan, please?
started by: MadCatLady · last update: 1490565086 · posted: 1490565086
Bread flour 2 Food & Drink
Any bread bakers out there that can recommend which flour to use here in France which would be the equivalent to...
started by: John E · last update: 1490561914 · posted: 1490546273
Replacement sun canopy 1 Home & Garden
Does anybody know where I can find a company who can replace the fabric on my exterior, retractable sun blind? I...
started by: Pennypops · last update: 1490560166 · posted: 1490440224
Satellite dish blown off. 0 General
Hi all. Help!   My neighbours have told me that the storm blew off my satellite dish.  Does anyone kno...
started by: treize-10069691 · last update: 1490558689 · posted: 1490558689
Renovations 2 General
Could any knowledgeable person tell me if you need planning permission to turn attached (to the main dwelling) o...
started by: Pank104 · last update: 1490552306 · posted: 1490544880
Insurance renewal 6 General
Can anyone please tell me whether it is necessary to inform your insurance provider of your wish to cancel or ch...
started by: fransgran · last update: 1490529864 · posted: 1490459258
Greenhouses 5 Home & Garden
Good morning, please could somebody tell me (or point me to) the regulations for the maximum size of greenhouse ...
started by: Oferyas-807188 · last update: 1490523336 · posted: 1490345399
URINE SPECIMEN 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
My Doctor wants a urine sample and take it to the Pharmacy - he quotes 80 Euro.  Is this right????  ...
started by: Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 · last update: 1490523177 · posted: 1490383010
Cateract operations 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Has anyone had a cateract  op in the polyclinic in Pontivy? As it successful and if it was could you please...
started by: Pam Jones · last update: 1490515996 · posted: 1490462205
Brexit. 46 General
started by: Must be mad-659643 · last update: 1490465125 · posted: 1490023655
Recommendation for someone to look at ou... 5 AngloINFO Support
We need someone to look at the woodwork of a house we will probably be buying. We need to know the extent of the...
started by: Mandy_R · last update: 1490447586 · posted: 1490186058
Humax Freesat box 4 General
I have a HUMAX FOXSAT-HDR box. I have no problem programming it in advance of a programme but seem totally unabl...
started by: Jack60 · last update: 1490439361 · posted: 1490434237
Selling furniture 1 General
Does anybody know where to sell furniture for cash. 
started by: sybille22 · last update: 1490435082 · posted: 1490428058
Replacing sun canopy 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend someone, preferably near Josselin / Ploermel, to replace the fabric of my retractable sun c...
started by: Peter-Herbert-896294 · last update: 1490371462 · posted: 1490371462
plants 1 Home & Garden
is there a plant show in Baud this weekend or next?
started by: suky-98776 · last update: 1490370287 · posted: 1490366055
ARCHERY or CRICKET 1 Sport & Leisure
Hello, could anyone tell me if the Archery Club of the AIKB or the Cricket Club based in Silfiac are still runni...
started by: Kate-Rebour-896278 · last update: 1490357818 · posted: 1490354547
Looking for a dog kennel near roscoff 1 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know a good dog kennel near Roscoff please
started by: jacqueline-Barrett-896192 · last update: 1490288319 · posted: 1490259258
Need to rent a property for 17 days 1 Home & Garden
Our home is being renovated and we require a small place to rent for 17 days. We have 2 small yorkies 6yrs old.&...
started by: jacqueline-Barrett-896192 · last update: 1490272207 · posted: 1490267433
Vet nr Plancoet 2 Pets & Animals
HiWe are travelling in next few weeks to our place  with our pup for the first time.Can anyon...
started by: spud61 · last update: 1490267211 · posted: 1490052166
Anyone installed wifi cameras? 4 Home & Garden
I am thinking of installing a security camera in my barn which is open and therefore it's contents are not insur...
started by: JohnP-390097 · last update: 1490259181 · posted: 1490169802
pet and house sitting 0 Pets & Animals
Its far better to leave your pet in their own enviroment if you have an emergency trip back to the uk or a speci...
started by: Ann-Roberts-873308 · last update: 1490239330 · posted: 1490239330
English Speaking Doctor & Dentist - Dina... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
HiI wonder if...
started by: HappyZoo · last update: 1490210328 · posted: 1490005564
Long Term Rental Advice 6 Home & Garden
I have a two bed flat in Callac Centre with private parking and courtyard which I wish to let long term through ...
started by: angie22160 · last update: 1490209887 · posted: 1490121248
Looking for double bed and mattress 0 Home & Garden
Hello!I'm looking for a double bed and mattress, if anyone knows of one please don't hesitate to get in ...
started by: TeeSpoon · last update: 1490203231 · posted: 1490203231
flatpack 1 Home & Garden
HELP!! can anyone help  me assemble a flatpack,its beyond me! Will pay going rate for flat pack assembly&nb...
started by: redhead22 · last update: 1490202910 · posted: 1490202784
Motorbike insurance 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Who do you insure your bikes with?  Mine is due soon for renewal and year on year it's going up.  
started by: winnie-390130 · last update: 1490179875 · posted: 1490173864
Maintenance/Repair needed for my sewing ... 0 General
I need someone to service/repair my sewing machine today if possible please.    I a...
started by: usfive-390948 · last update: 1490177787 · posted: 1490177787
Posting photos on AI 0 General
Can anyone guide me thought putting a picture on an add thank you
started by: shaddy-409939 · last update: 1490170353 · posted: 1490170353
Long Term Rental advice 0 Home & Garden
started by: angie22160 · last update: 1490120803 · posted: 1490120803
Looking for a kitten 2 Pets & Animals
We are in area 56 near Guemene and would like to find a kitten to home
started by: annieslack · last update: 1490115494 · posted: 1490076868
Brexit 0 Financial & Legal
started by: chrisnrob · last update: 1490108167 · posted: 1490108167
mobile phone repairs?!? 3 General
I have a Huawei android mobile phone that needs the camera lens changed.  Anyone out there know of some one...
started by: andrew & elizabeth · last update: 1490098570 · posted: 1489935389
Electrian required. 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend an electrian in the Rostrenen area please?
started by: gerald24 · last update: 1490040697 · posted: 1490040697
Loud bang - Laniscat/Plussulien area 0 General
Anyone hear a very loud bang at about 9pm. Shook the house. Thunder maybe but havent heard anything since
started by: babsy-403681 · last update: 1490040547 · posted: 1490040547
Small horse box 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm looking for some help to transport a donkey, within dept 56, need to hire or borrow a trailer! Can anyone he...
started by: pink-390830 · last update: 1490034527 · posted: 1490034527
PELLETT BURNER 12 Home & Garden
Considerig taking out my Villager Wood Burner and  replacing it with a Pelllet Burner instead - would like ...
started by: Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 · last update: 1490032466 · posted: 1489845314
Lift wanted 0 General
I have a...
started by: r_tolby-386690 · last update: 1490006602 · posted: 1490006602
helpful garage 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
on thursday our renault car broke down on max plus car park .we asked the peugeot garage opposite for help.the...
started by: gorlston · last update: 1489957486 · posted: 1489843932
Man and trailer wanted. 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Looking for someone who can take a VW Sirocco from nr. Chateaulin Finistere to North Cornwall.
started by: Aliben-397416 · last update: 1489954793 · posted: 1489913713
Wanted someone to trailer a car from are... 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: smslowe · last update: 1489939855 · posted: 1489929295
six nations super saturday 10 Entertainment
Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends),It is just a couple of days to go until super saturday and apart from...
started by: itinerant child-414831 · last update: 1489910477 · posted: 1489665989
Carte de sejour permanent.... 10 General
Does anyone know, Brexit...Is it have a 'permanent stay card'..or some kind of *aut...
started by: bonzo-395242 · last update: 1489875210 · posted: 1489842216
Black and Decker battery charger 0 Home & Garden
I am looking for a Black and Decker 14.4 volt slide on battery charger.  My drill is still OK and my batter...
started by: lakeman-415065 · last update: 1489865942 · posted: 1489865942
Lenovo laptop issue HELP NEEDED 5 General
started by: babsy-403681 · last update: 1489848298 · posted: 1489786728
companion sitter 0 General
started by: chrissy-morgan-895788 · last update: 1489836263 · posted: 1489836263
occasional person to sit with my husband 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: chrissy-morgan-895788 · last update: 1489835343 · posted: 1489835343
-need urgent dental work- any one recomm... 0 General
started by: babsy-403681 · last update: 1489786596 · posted: 1489786596
Resizing an image without blur 6 General
Hi. A little technical help if poss. I would like to resize an image which at the moment is ...
started by: Madam Butterfly-402290 · last update: 1489773537 · posted: 1489678955
Searching for English builder 1 General
Hi everyone!Can someone recommend an English builder within 50 kilometres of jossilin.I need an estimate ...
started by: lookout-956196 · last update: 1489752772 · posted: 1489749778
French health care system 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
We want to join the french healthcare system but seem to be blocked by protocol in the UK.  We need an S1 f...
started by: Annenain · last update: 1489693925 · posted: 1489675527