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Room for one more? 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Good morning.  Is there anyone driving from St Malo to Pontivy/Rohan/Reguiny on Monday 8th August, for one ...
started by: MadCatLady · last update: 1469693313 · posted: 1469693313
French Tutor 1 General
I was wondering if anyone new of a female French tutor in the Hennebont area who speaks English. Preferably some...
started by: Deborahleeh · last update: 1469684852 · posted: 1469623376
Changeover Saturday 30/7/16 0 Home & Garden
HiI am near Saint Nicolas du Pelem 22 and am looking for someone to help me with gite changeovers this Sa...
started by: ancient mariner-393410 · last update: 1469682278 · posted: 1469682278
emergency lighting 2 Home & Garden
started by: Chris-Haines-865515 · last update: 1469643695 · posted: 1469608001
Free logs, Hennebont 2 Home & Garden
Having just finished a job where the client does not need the wood, there are 2 cubic metres of acacia wood in c...
started by: Tilia · last update: 1469633229 · posted: 1469622440
Fish and Chips near Quintin 4 Food & Drink
Hi,Looking for some good fish and chips that are near to Quintin 22. Willing to travel 40 mins so, the li...
started by: imamushroom · last update: 1469629423 · posted: 1469611903
Ride on mowers 2 Home & Garden
Hello All, I am looking for the above and wondered if there is anywhere here that sells second hand ones, or may...
started by: Kerroux · last update: 1469627015 · posted: 1469102247
Removals by European Moving 0 General
Has anyone on here had experience with European Moving who advertise here on nglo Info. Any info would be useful...
started by: robink · last update: 1469625634 · posted: 1469625634
Enduring ('Lasting' in France) Power of ... 2 Financial & Legal
Hello,Would anyone be in a position to offer information on where to get forms or how to set u...
started by: Cheekiweeki-817816 · last update: 1469625339 · posted: 1469559800
Lift to Dinard 2 General
Is anyone travelling to Dinard for the Ryanair flight to East Midlands from the Vannes area on Tuesday, 2 August...
started by: Beryl-393000 · last update: 1469615751 · posted: 1469451924
Garden/tree clearance reliable help want... 0 Home & Garden
I have a big patch of overgrown hazel thicket and over hanging trees needing clearing - chainsaw and brushcutter...
started by: lautreville · last update: 1469613664 · posted: 1469613664
Garden/tree clearance help needed 0 Home & Garden
started by: lautreville · last update: 1469613234 · posted: 1469613234
VAT 1 Financial & Legal
Now we are not in the EU are we liable to pay VAT on items bought in the UK?
started by: Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 · last update: 1469567494 · posted: 1469566966
rescue dog 3 Pets & Animals
We have just taken on a resuce dog from the spa, he is absolutely lovely, but he is aggressive with other dogs, ...
started by: Pam Jones · last update: 1469565506 · posted: 1469464106
problem with house sale 6 General
The compromis was signed three months ago, with a ten day cooling off period for the buyer.  There was also...
started by: bojo-802103 · last update: 1469557762 · posted: 1469305535
Motorcycles 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Help I have a 1989 Kawasaki 1000cc,it has a 120bhp I am told that I am unable to register it because of the bhp....
started by: leaboeg · last update: 1469552492 · posted: 1469551456
Garden Rubbish 11 General
Have moved into a farmhouse and are in the process of cutting down overgrown garden. We have large p...
started by: cazzie2711 · last update: 1469549833 · posted: 1469523191
Age for child to be left home alone, 15 General
Can someone tell me what is the legal age that a child /teenager can be left at home alone and any other info th...
started by: Kerroux · last update: 1469547615 · posted: 1469445516
FREE advisory service offered for horse/... 0 Pets & Animals
This is available either over  the phone, by email or a personal visit,  here , 22160 St  Servais...
started by: jeanneashcroft-407856 · last update: 1469544981 · posted: 1469544750
Has anyone got a small livestock trailer I could hire for a day   (  to move a couple of sheep&nb...
started by: darjeeling-445679 · last update: 1469530835 · posted: 1469530835
Beams 0 Home & Garden
Have bought a farmhouse and looking for a builder to firstly lower existing beams in house so as to give the roo...
started by: cazzie2711 · last update: 1469522962 · posted: 1469522962
Moving to France permanently 7 General
We purchased a house in Brittany last year and want to move permanently.  Apart from the usual financi...
started by: MadCatLady · last update: 1469520709 · posted: 1469452125
Delivery of 2 sofas to Brittany from the... 4 General
I need to have 2 new sofas delivered from Plymouth to Brittany. Can anyone recommend a reliable company that doe...
started by: nessiebear · last update: 1469483388 · posted: 1469308334
List of beaches that allow dogs in Brit... 2 Pets & Animals
I put this list on our Face book page but know not everyone has or even likes FB but some of you dog lovers may ...
started by: Sarah · last update: 1469466894 · posted: 1469443441
Moving permanently to France 0 General
started by: MadCatLady · last update: 1469451839 · posted: 1469451839
LOST DOG 1 Pets & Animals
Found near Kergloff   Saturday  23rd     young  German Shepherd &nb...
started by: darjeeling-445679 · last update: 1469445043 · posted: 1469350972
Recommendation please 2 General
Hi EveryoneAnyone know of someone who could create one stud wall please, Reliable and reasonably priced, ...
started by: josey26 · last update: 1469443295 · posted: 1469219637
Brexit 5 AngloINFO Support
It was mentioned that in order to protect ex-pat rights/medical etc it would be good to take out Citizenship but...
started by: zebra101 · last update: 1469439154 · posted: 1469369849
carhaix vets 1 Pets & Animals
Hi, has anybody had reason to use the small Vet surgery in carhaix? in particular pet checks prior to travelling...
started by: Garry-969396 · last update: 1469432984 · posted: 1469386553
Driving License exchange 9 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone who has recently exchanged their license at Lorient confirm whether or not it is necessary to have a ...
started by: rua-408032 · last update: 1469393838 · posted: 1469109124
Hot water tank 0 Home & Garden
I am looking for an English speaking, French registered plumber to fit a new electric hot water tank in 56140 St Ma...
started by: Rosemary -King -865288 · last update: 1469374075 · posted: 1469374075
tresspassing law in france 12 Financial & Legal
 Our neighbours have seen fit to invade our land because there were branches of our trees invading their sm...
started by: valetlu · last update: 1469359181 · posted: 1469217315
eBay USA 0 General
I have a number of old swords and bayonets for sale (and two working shot guns if anyone is intere...
started by: andrew & elizabeth · last update: 1469356692 · posted: 1469356692
Beware No Consumer Protection at LeCler... 20 General
Hi all, we all know we have 1 year consumer protection by EU law on anything we buy in France....wrong! We purch...
started by: catch22-814199 · last update: 1469288054 · posted: 1469047961
Posting A Free Classified on Anglo Info 0 General
I am not a complete moron when it comes to computers but can someone help me with posting a free classified on t...
started by: pokerface22330 · last update: 1469278380 · posted: 1469278380
Heavy duty Brushcutter 6 Home & Garden
I  My place is in the 22160 are ( not far from Callac and i was wondering whether i would be able to hire a...
started by: Elaine-Williams-863793 · last update: 1469267208 · posted: 1469094393
Can anybody give my son a lift from Rennes (airport) to Lorient on Saturday 6 August. He lands there at 21h00 so...
started by: Cuddles-958927 · last update: 1469259696 · posted: 1469085918
Owners Direct - new fees client charge... 2 General
Having just watched the online Q A session by OD I can to no other conclusion that they will ruin any chances of...
started by: lilycustard-401530 · last update: 1469253089 · posted: 1469123469
NAME CHANGE 3 Financial & Legal
We bought a house last year whilst we were a couple with a Tontine in place.  We have since married & w...
started by: Evelyn56 · last update: 1469225597 · posted: 1469183120
Aldi at Pontivy caviar face cream 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know if I can buy this at the Aldi at Pontivy and if so how much it is ?
started by: libgirl · last update: 1469214262 · posted: 1469214262
expierenced bassist available. 4 Entertainment
Hi, I have played bass guitar for a variety of bands over many years playing,Pop-Rock-CountryRo...
started by: landsend · last update: 1469176192 · posted: 1469107535
Free Live concert at Plevenon next Tuesd... 1 Entertainment
If you live in or near Plevenon on the Cotes d'armor coast don't miss this event this coming Tuesday 26th July. ...
started by: ericthecleric · last update: 1469174113 · posted: 1469173896
Refurbishing seal on my log burner 5 Home & Garden
The asbestos seal on my log burner is breaking off and I'm quite worried about it. Do you know anyone who refurb...
started by: Imperialmint · last update: 1469136045 · posted: 1469100513
Dog brreders 1 Pets & Animals
Can anyone recommend a reputable breeder of French Bulldogs in the area near St Malo.I want to avo...
started by: labellefille · last update: 1469104819 · posted: 1469104409
Registering my bmw trike in france 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have a bmw 850rt trike converted a number of years ago. We are moving to france soon and having read some prev...
started by: lynne-chappell-855040 · last update: 1469104306 · posted: 1469090317
music - jugon les lacs 1 Entertainment
I understand there will be live music in Jugon les Lacs over the weekend  - please can anyone give me any i...
started by: phlophf-409902 · last update: 1469103049 · posted: 1469097720
Mini digger and driver 0 General
We live very near Plouec sur Lie (dept 22) and need someone with a mini digger to clear a small area of land in ...
started by: Tongsaibay · last update: 1469092843 · posted: 1469092843
Woodworm treatment 1 General
started by: LilyP · last update: 1469085529 · posted: 1469083310
Exchange Jersey £ for euros 0 General
Bit of a long shot, but I've got £11 in Jersey notes.  I know it's not much, but I'm not going to use it s...
started by: jo-c-398797 · last update: 1469083584 · posted: 1469083584
Rieux,,good lunch 1 Food & Drink
started by: Tryval · last update: 1469056276 · posted: 1469055847