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Long term rental requred 0 General
HiMy partner and I are looking for a long term rental beginning of January2017 [end of uk tenancy]. We ou...
started by: jessie1 · last update: 1472190324 · posted: 1472190324
Boot Camp & Fitness class's 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
anybody know of any boot camp style trainers or class's near dept 22 please?????  Or other group fitness ac...
started by: kathyusa · last update: 1472154430 · posted: 1471890549
Car Wanted 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Looking for a French registered rhd, automatic, estate car, willing to pay up to 1500 euros.  Must have CT....
started by: sylvw · last update: 1472151328 · posted: 1472151328
CLEGUEREC VTT 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi, I'm going to be in cleguerec the first week in september and would like to ride the vtt event on sunday the ...
started by: rennie64 · last update: 1472147004 · posted: 1472147004
neighbours. 0 General
started by: gorlston · last update: 1472138759 · posted: 1472138759
dog groomers 0 Pets & Animals
Can anyone suggest a dog groomer near Pontivy/Loudeac area, or mobile. I have tried several salons but they are ...
started by: Pam Jones · last update: 1472133174 · posted: 1472133174
Dr Mihai 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Has anyone followed Dr Mihai from Mur de Bretagne down to Caurel?
started by: Hilbillie · last update: 1472132394 · posted: 1472132394
Anglo Indian or families from the Sub Co... 4 General
started by: finca mola · last update: 1472125860 · posted: 1472123913
Anglo Indians 0 General
I am an Anglo Indian who has been living in Brittany for 22 years.  However, we will be returning to the UK...
started by: Jacquet-396835 · last update: 1472125484 · posted: 1472125484
Clubs for the elderly 1 Entertainment
I am concerned that an elderly, widower freind who is 85 is becoming isolated. He does not drive anymore and spe...
started by: Matthew0077 · last update: 1472124345 · posted: 1472117333
Surgeon recommendation 1 AngloINFO Support
As not everyone reads the 'Health' section. I'll repeat this plaintiff call here. Does anyone have a...
started by: crosswordwp-440767 · last update: 1472123314 · posted: 1472121901
Hip replacement surgery 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: crosswordwp-440767 · last update: 1472121718 · posted: 1472121718
Telephoning Canada/USA 4 General
Can anyone tell me if you can phone Canada/USA Mobile from your land line through the internet - for free!  ...
started by: Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 · last update: 1472113694 · posted: 1472031688
CURRENCY 4 General
I need to buy some swiss francs, can I buy them at the local post office in Josselin or would I need to go to Po...
started by: neve-441795 · last update: 1472113476 · posted: 1472071281
discontinuation of discussion 4 Home & Garden
I began a  very important discussion regarding trespassing law and trees in france and received 21 replies....
started by: valetlu · last update: 1472102648 · posted: 1472047362
Any Horse racing during September 4 Sport & Leisure
Hi, Does anyone now if there is any horse racing in Brittany during September please? Or can anyone recommend a ...
started by: Happy days · last update: 1472102464 · posted: 1472055440
Mobile Mehcanics 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello,Does any one know of a mobile Mechanic/Mechanics in the area North of Merdignac As I am in need of some wo...
started by: no 6 · last update: 1472069928 · posted: 1472069928
Income Tax 3 Financial & Legal
Hi AllAnyone received their Income Tax demands yet?   Can't remember exactly when these are due...
started by: rua-408032 · last update: 1472067617 · posted: 1472058662
Mobile hairdresser required 0 General
Mobile hairdresser required immediately, I am in Laniscat dept 22
started by: usfive-390948 · last update: 1472058804 · posted: 1472058804
need a english speaking accountant 2 Financial & Legal
need a english speaking accountant can anyone recommend here in area 22
started by: coco2011-438751 · last update: 1472054937 · posted: 1472034872
Storage for a car 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi. I'm looking for long term storage for a car in the Dinan area. Covered preferably but I would consider secur...
started by: dinan22100 · last update: 1472054462 · posted: 1472045330
Power tool rental in Brittany 3 Home & Garden
Can anyone tell me where I could rent power tools in Brittany?
started by: Timothy-Tordoff-854444 · last update: 1472052012 · posted: 1472045329
Long Term Rental Required 1 General
started by: Dave -Mason-865721 · last update: 1472049733 · posted: 1472041294
Straw 1 Pets & Animals
Hi anyone no where i can get some straw in the Callac/Carhaix area.prefer small bales, but rounds would be fine....
started by: paumel · last update: 1472048754 · posted: 1472044446
Freesat box 3 General
How does one get past the postcode issue when setting up a humax freesat box?Desperate
started by: tensemoment-419305 · last update: 1472045738 · posted: 1471989331
Long Term Rental Required 0 Home & Garden
started by: Dave -Mason-865721 · last update: 1472041387 · posted: 1472041387
Are You Interested in a Slimming World T... 8 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Sueb-382387 · last update: 1472029945 · posted: 1471780248
Uk car insurance companies. 10 General
Which companies did you find the best to insure your car with once it is in the UK again? I am getting some very...
started by: lula1 · last update: 1472020686 · posted: 1471885488
Slate roof tiles 1 Home & Garden
Where can I buy small slate roof tikes near ploermel?
started by: Tracey-Jane-Cuckow-867665 · last update: 1471993155 · posted: 1471967395
Does anyone know when the meeting about the French classes will be in MerdrignaC.  I believe you can get so...
started by: catlebar · last update: 1471990224 · posted: 1471984763
New Classic Car Events Group on Facebook 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For those of you who use Facebook, I have now created a new public group "Classic Car Events in Brittany". This ...
started by: ferrandiere · last update: 1471971943 · posted: 1471967504
2matching 3 seater setter 0 General
2 Red tapestry 3 seater settees in good condition must go. can send pic on email. located Plelan le Petit 22&nbs...
started by: jon2008 · last update: 1471950317 · posted: 1471950317
AGA Service engineer 5 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of an AGA Service engineer in Brittany who could fit a circulation fan (already obtained by the...
started by: John D Greenlees · last update: 1471939585 · posted: 1471892531
Garden fence height? 5 General
I am considering errecting a fence between myself and my neighbour. Can anyone advice me if there is a height re...
started by: andrew & elizabeth · last update: 1471936191 · posted: 1471791330
Any woodturners out there want some ceda... 2 General
I will be cutting up a big 'ole cedar this week - does anyone want some turning blanks off it before it goes on ...
started by: Fitter · last update: 1471934562 · posted: 1471801812
itinerant child 0 General
As I can no longer bring up previous postings any more, may I say a big 'THANK YOU' to the 2 gentlemen  who...
started by: Fish24 · last update: 1471931445 · posted: 1471931445
Old wooden flooring 0 General
does anyone know of any places that sell reclaimed wooden floors or doors near dept 22 please?  Thinking of...
started by: kathyusa · last update: 1471890383 · posted: 1471890383
Lost contact details 0 General
I am looking for a lady who is Called Elise or Lisil (she is German) and who lives in St Nicholas du Pelham. She...
started by: convent girl-439588 · last update: 1471880693 · posted: 1471880693
SAFER 4 Home & Garden
We are in the process of selling our house & we are getting differing accounts from the immobliers.  It...
started by: baden2 · last update: 1471878761 · posted: 1471803709
English Speaking Dentist 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Could someone suggest an English speaking dentist in Carhaix or Rostrenen area.  Quite urgent.  Thank ...
started by: sylvw · last update: 1471877695 · posted: 1471864267
Wanted 0 General
Hi EveryoneDoes anyone have a mini digger to hire 2-3 days end of October please?
started by: josey26 · last update: 1471873650 · posted: 1471873650
where best to meet my specs 0 General
Hi,I am looking for advice from ex-pats in France to help me find the right area to move to full time. I ...
started by: AngeB-10066130 · last update: 1471860628 · posted: 1471860628
Lift needed Pontivy area to Dinard 25th ... 0 General
MorningVery much a long shot - but is anybody heading from the Pontivy area to Dinard for the ...
started by: montypython-428832 · last update: 1471858525 · posted: 1471858525
Wooden wine boxes 2 General
Hi there, could anyone please tell me where I could buy a few wooden wine boxes in Brittany to make into shelvin...
started by: Luxury Farmhouse Brittany · last update: 1471853643 · posted: 1471763956
Is there any english speaking family or ... 0 Families & Kids
Hello there Everyone! We are an English speaking French - Hungarian family, we just moved here a cou...
started by: monikadenice · last update: 1471811379 · posted: 1471811379
Travel to uk 0 General
Hi, I travel from St Malo to Portsmouth and back on  regular basis would anyone be interested in sharing co...
started by: smyler · last update: 1471802558 · posted: 1471802558
Walking Groups 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi All.  Does anyone organise gentle walks (3-5 miles) in Finistere area pls? Thanks.
started by: Moon_day · last update: 1471796252 · posted: 1471789004
Yoga classes? 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi All Does anyone know of any yoga classes around Huelgoat/Carhaix way? (29). Thanks.
started by: Moon_day · last update: 1471789071 · posted: 1471789071
Best place to advertise a caravan 0 Sport & Leisure
Now that we no longer need our caravan i was wondering the best place to advertise it. Want to get it sold durin...
started by: Jayne-Curtin-867430 · last update: 1471784265 · posted: 1471784265
Shared Travel to UK by Ferry 0 General
Hi, I regularly travel from St Malo to Portsmouth and wondered if any one would like to share the costs. over on...
started by: smyler-991299 · last update: 1471720828 · posted: 1471720828