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Sold?? 2 AngloINFO Support
Can somebody please tell me how I can mark an advertised item as sold? I can't find a way.
started by: Peter V Denenberg · last update: 1498135131 · posted: 1498077188
... 1 General
Giteowners looking to let out of season!!!***Hi,nothing to sell or buy here but am looking for accommodation for t
started by: aggy-aero · last update: 1498113338 · posted: 1497087692
french electrical qualifications 1 General
I am a fully qualified electrician in the UK and considering moving to France and hope to work as an electrician. I
started by: cathhal-395168 · last update: 1498074849 · posted: 1498072014
Assurance Maladie 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
After 3 emails back and forth as to why they stopped 9 euros from a doctor visit and nothing else done, they still
started by: calapez · last update: 1498061206 · posted: 1497977924
Bees in the chimney 14 Home & Garden
I have a beeshufty nesting my chimney. Apart from lighting and fire and getting rid of them which is will do if I h
started by: DrZed · last update: 1498052222 · posted: 1497713617
ADDER? 4 General
Stepped outside earlier about 8.30PM with the dog (Dept 56, Morbihan) and met a rather large (about 18" l
started by: Kiki BB · last update: 1498045546 · posted: 1497642842
Live music in Bazouges La Perouse - Friday... 0 Entertainment
As part of the recent Fete De La Musique celebrations , the UK based blues band COLD FLAME will be performing a ver
started by: P & S-10058146 · last update: 1498043583 · posted: 1498043582
Double glazing quote 7 Home & Garden
Hi Looking for reccommendations of  companies for double glazing ( made to measure)  between dinan and la
started by: kanisha-383405 · last update: 1498039739 · posted: 1497543119
Dog sitter wanted 1 Pets & Animals
I need a dog loving person to sit for my dogs for 6 days, to live in my house in Ploerdut and walk my two terriers
started by: joramlee · last update: 1498033400 · posted: 1497855878
Digital TVs aerial 8 Home & Garden
We have a holiday cottage and currently have uk tTV channels through a Sky box. We would now like to receive French
started by: Steve & Tracy Fowler · last update: 1497991330 · posted: 1497950566
Hertz - not impressed! 5 General
We currently have gite guests who are only here for 3 days and got a hire car from Hertz as they were flying over.
started by: lilycustard-401530 · last update: 1497990746 · posted: 1497939597
Swing dancing 0 Sport & Leisure
Our son will be with us for two weeks in August, and he is absolutely passionate about swing dancing (leroc, I beli
started by: foureyes-10044529 · last update: 1497976620 · posted: 1497976619
Car aircon repairs 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
We have a problem with the air conditioning in our Peugeot 407 - the system blows cold air only on the passenger si
started by: foureyes-10044529 · last update: 1497963652 · posted: 1497883772
Cut-out figures on motorway 7 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have noticed life-size cutout figures of men (look to be made of  metal) standing every so often at the edge
started by: foureyes-10044529 · last update: 1497961913 · posted: 1497883470
British Lions... 1 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone know of any bar, club or restaurant in the Dinan or 22980 area that will be showing the British Lions v
started by: peteros · last update: 1497936578 · posted: 1497893383
Best way to send a parcel 4 General
A visitor at our gite wishes his son in the UK to send a parcel to us here in Normandy - its' only about 10cm x 10c
started by: LilyP · last update: 1497912547 · posted: 1497864103
Theft from Garden 2 Home & Garden
To the SCUM who stole the - Coloured Garden Lights - from my Front Garden overnight - I hope they bring you a lot o
started by: Davide-Loi-896684 · last update: 1497887938 · posted: 1497868528
Q for those with arthritic knees 12 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can I throw a medical question out there for those with arthritic knees who don't mind answering. It can be a simpl
started by: Bod · last update: 1497887872 · posted: 1496992008
Mimi, sterilized and very cute young cat,... 0 Pets & Animals
Mimi is a very affectionate female cat, 1 years old, who was a stray until recently. I am her foster mom, and she i
started by: susanne-498396 · last update: 1497862367 · posted: 1497862366
vehicle registration 19 Cars, Bikes & Driving
does anyone know what is the procedure for transferring ownership of a vehicle where the vehicle was sold to an unk
started by: aion-392003 · last update: 1497804062 · posted: 1497597285