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اتصل بنا ادميرال * 01225025360... 0 Food & Drink Started by: fdgsdfg-fdhsfdhff-946466 · Updated: 1570959943 · Created: 1570959943
صيانة ادميرال افضلصيانة لاجهزة الكهربائية والمنزلية فى القاهرة
ارقام تليفونات توكيل كاندى... 0 General Started by: fdgsdfg-fdhsfdhff-946466 · Updated: 1570959893 · Created: 1570959893
صيانة كاندي افضلصيانة لاجهزة الكهربائية والمنزلية فى القاهرة وا
Rhumatologie needed 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Mags-Sedgwick-860715 · Updated: 1570805392 · Created: 1570805392
Hello. Could anyone recommend any Rhumatologues in the Loudeac 22600 and Pontivy 56300 area please. I have a letter from
Knitting Yarn 14 General Started by: Fizzbomb-892531 · Updated: 1570301272 · Created: 1385403822
Would any of you knitters or crafters out there know the quivalent French yarn sizes for English knitting yarns, eg 4 pl
su carb & timing 13 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: stagthelad · Updated: 1570272849 · Created: 1294235925
need help with timing and hiff44 carb setup on a austin mini langonnet area 56
Electrician Area56 0 Home & Garden Started by: mark-snelling-900757 · Updated: 1569675619 · Created: 1569675619
Hi Can anyone recommend a qualified English speaking electrician in Area 56 - we are near Guilliers. Thanks!
*Wanted* Property Garden Maintenance Person... 0 Home & Garden Started by: Lindsay-Clark-945208 · Updated: 1569153674 · Created: 1569153674
Acquista database di alta qualità registrato... 0 Home & Garden Started by: rubio-charlie-945117 · Updated: 1569056369 · Created: 1569056369
Acquista database di alta qualità registrato / falso,patente di guida italiana, carte d'identità, ((docconsultancy99@g
R/C Model cars 0 General Started by: BigD-432685 · Updated: 1568979520 · Created: 1568979520
Does anyone know of a model car shop in Brittany that deals with Nitro driven R/C model cars??? We are around the Pontiv
Own photovoltaic system 0 Home & Garden Started by: HGF · Updated: 1568965774 · Created: 1568965774
Hello everyone,we are planning to install a photovoltaic system at our property. We can buy the system oneself and work
estate agents 0 General Started by: skydiver-437154 · Updated: 1568962831 · Created: 1568962831
can anyone give info, is it an advantage to sell your property through a notaire ? any info welcome. thank you/
Lost dog - last seen Pont Augan 1 Pets & Animals Started by: lilycustard-401530 · Updated: 1568956517 · Created: 1568907020
My French neighbour lost her dog in Inguiniel last Sunday - she ran off because of the fireworks. The dog was last seen
Length of Stay 0 General Started by: Allegra · Updated: 1568898023 · Created: 1568898023
Just thought it was worth checking on AI about how long you can stay in France if your visit spans from Mid Dec 2019 to
Cattery HIGHLY Recommended - Combourg 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Pat-Jose-880225 · Updated: 1568815616 · Created: 1568815616
I have just discovered an excellent cattery and I want to spread the word to anyone who loves their cat! "Coussin et Cou
Comments on Green-Acres please 7 General Started by: pebsin56 · Updated: 1568712919 · Created: 1265834773
We have been trying to sell our house for a little while now. (As a lot of people have). Has anyone on here signed up w
Wanted Soil test 0 General Started by: thetraveler-97228 · Updated: 1568709708 · Created: 1568709708
We want to have a soil test for a septic tank in St Gilles Les Bois 22290 Brittany A.S.A.P
Amazon's UK Echo Speaker?!? 0 Entertainment Started by: andrew & elizabeth · Updated: 1568487352 · Created: 1568487352
I live in Brittany. I have an amazon uk prime account. I would like to buy their UK Echo Speakers but will it work in th
Excavator prices 1 Home & Garden Started by: chrinsy · Updated: 1568377749 · Created: 1568054098
What should I expect to pay per day for a backhoe and driver to dig out for septic and remove some tree stumps? Iam in d
English speaking doctor in La Gacilly,St... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Irene-Kelly-865015 · Updated: 1568291867 · Created: 1568291867
My husband and I are retired and sadly our English speaking doctor is retiring in December. Our French is not good enoug
MOVING TO BRITTANY OR NORMANDY 3 Families & Kids Started by: estelle-Woof-936850 · Updated: 1568105977 · Created: 1556197423
Hi myself and my husband and 2 children are looking to move to france in these areas and would like any advice anyone co