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Vets fees 2 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know roughly how much the vets charge for puppy vaccinations and by law do you have to have your dog...
started by: Sue W-445237 · last update: 1493214032 · posted: 1493211715
HELP PLEASE ! Building of 40m2 without a... 4 Home & Garden
Hi,Can anyone help or advise me. We're looking at buying an old wooden shed / chalet on agricultural land...
started by: Dave-Harris-898634 · last update: 1493212413 · posted: 1493207816
How to. 2 General
How do you mark an object for sale as sold.
started by: hussar · last update: 1493202143 · posted: 1493196398
Godin fire 3 Home & Garden
Handle broken off door.  Can anyone advise where I can go for a replacement.  Or who can fix it.  ...
started by: pancypotter · last update: 1493198496 · posted: 1493135477
Internal double doors 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know where we can get some internal double doors (French doors)?
started by: emma-rogers-866016 · last update: 1493198111 · posted: 1493198111
Uk to Brittany delivery wanted 1 General
Quotes or recommendations for someone to pick up 20 25kg multifinish plaster bags total 500 kg from U.K and deli...
started by: taz192 · last update: 1493189650 · posted: 1493178798
Man and Van wanted 9 General
I am looking for someone with a tall white van who makes regular trips to the UK. I have a half size traction en...
started by: roger beere · last update: 1493189566 · posted: 1493042386
See more recent topics? 6 AngloINFO Support
This scrolling down to older posts doesn't work for me any more.
started by: colin22 · last update: 1493183905 · posted: 1493120709
Parcel for England 6 Financial & Legal
PARCEL  45 X 34,5 X 33 CMS - WEIGHT 4 KILOSHas anyone sent a small parcel back to England lat...
started by: Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 · last update: 1493141959 · posted: 1493042023
Ride on garden mowers 15 Home & Garden
I am hoping to purchase a ride on mower for my quite large and sloping garden. There are so many choices on the ...
started by: Murfy · last update: 1493135959 · posted: 1492703250
Things to do and places to go ! From Ty ... 7 General
Just read some terrific info and blogs on the above websiteVery informative if you are looking for someth...
started by: babsy-403681 · last update: 1493116131 · posted: 1493044454
Gravelling, tiling etc 0 General
Hi, we are looking for someone to gravel around front and back of our house and/or build single step outside fro...
started by: Daisydog-1000162 · last update: 1493108497 · posted: 1493108497
Grass cutting 1 Home & Garden
Anyone know of anyone reliable in the Carhaix area to do some grass cutting for me?Area is about 300m2&nb...
started by: hillhead · last update: 1493056968 · posted: 1493029965
Dual Nationality 1 General
Has anyone in France gone for dual nationality? If so...
started by: usfive-390948 · last update: 1493044124 · posted: 1493021851
Things to do and places to go ! 1 General
started by: babsy-403681 · last update: 1493043961 · posted: 1493043187
Orange boutique 5 General
Good morning does anyone know the telephone number for the Orange boutique in Dinan and also if there is an Engl...
started by: Rocket Dog · last update: 1493042073 · posted: 1493020351
Help With Some Rennovation Works 0 Home & Garden
Looking for someone to help with renovation works. Located Moncontour, Cote d'Aromor. Need to be appropriately r...
started by: Craig-White-898437 · last update: 1493033537 · posted: 1493033537
Target shooting 2 Sport & Leisure
Hi all, I'm after any info on clubs to join and just general information on target shooting. I live near carhaix...
started by: crazydogs · last update: 1493026030 · posted: 1492947741
Selling items 10 General
Hello everyoneWe are total novices regarding selling items on this site and other internet sites. I would...
started by: Chinup · last update: 1493022969 · posted: 1492693964
Gymnastics 1 AngloINFO Support
Anyone know of any gymnastics clubs within the serent area for my 11yr old ? Thanks in advance 
started by: Elizabeth-Campbell-898394 · last update: 1493014794 · posted: 1492977780
EDF phone number 3 General
Hi, i have a house near Carhaix, I have recently read a discussion regarding English speaking EDF helpline, (056...
started by: Garry-969396 · last update: 1493013315 · posted: 1492966925
Property Maintenance Help 0 Home & Garden
Hi, can anyone recommend someone who is good at general property maintenance and can also speak french confident...
started by: Frodo19 · last update: 1492977400 · posted: 1492977400
pool maintenance 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of someone who maintains swimming pools in the Josselin area?
started by: Sue Jeyes · last update: 1492971577 · posted: 1492971577
Broadband advice required please 4 General
Hello I am moving to Brittany shortly between Jugon Les Lacs and Plancoet and will be living in a house with an ...
started by: Rocket Dog · last update: 1492964505 · posted: 1492936483
Planning permission for extensions 4 Financial & Legal
In my vicinity a maison secondaire has recently doubled in size causing much disruption and noise lasting months...
started by: colin22 · last update: 1492942293 · posted: 1492764368
Anyone lost their peacocks?? 1 Pets & Animals
Two peacocks (well one is a pea hen) have arrived in my neighbour's garden, just outside Callac. Anyone looking ...
started by: steve the painter · last update: 1492898956 · posted: 1492773921
Exterior Paint Stabliser. 3 Home & Garden
Hi, just wondering if anyone knows the french equivalent for exterior paint stabliser. As far I as I can underst...
started by: Jodi E-898102 · last update: 1492891921 · posted: 1492862931
Someone to put a window opening in stone... 3 General
A friend has just bought a house in Saint-servais,Dept 22 and needs an opening made in a stone wall.Can someone ...
started by: Kerroux · last update: 1492844706 · posted: 1492766896
Selling an Irish registered car 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello everyone, I came back from Ireland with my car that I bought there in September 2016. It is a Peugeot 206 ...
started by: Laura-Flament-898312 · last update: 1492843031 · posted: 1492842158
Selling French registered car in UK 11 Cars, Bikes & Driving
We moved to the UK one week ago and a friend who is moving to France to live wants to buy our French bought and ...
started by: allibaba · last update: 1492793566 · posted: 1492780984
Tax Declaration 14 Financial & Legal
Hi just wondering can I still do a paper declaration even though I have a computer and my income exceeds the lim...
started by: Jodi E-898102 · last update: 1492789566 · posted: 1492591722
Exchange rate for tax return 12 Financial & Legal
It is that time of year again....I am completing my French tax return for our furnished holiday rental which we ...
started by: Nessa Nessa-874353 · last update: 1492782896 · posted: 1492720657
Stage (work experience) Placement - Eben... 0 Families & Kids
Hi Everyone, My son is looking for a Stage (work experience ) placement with an Ebeniste ...
started by: away with the fairies · last update: 1492766908 · posted: 1492766908
Planning permission for extensions 0 Financial & Legal
In my vicinity a maison secondaire has recently doubled in size causing much disruption and noise lasting months...
started by: colin22 · last update: 1492764367 · posted: 1492764367
Dentists 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello everyone, yes, I know is question has been asked many times before but, as we all know the regulations, I ...
started by: AJmAc · last update: 1492707944 · posted: 1492630738
For Sale : Ford Mondeo Estate £1000.00 1 General
French registered  Ford Mondeo Estate LHD for sale in U.K.   First registered 16/06/05.  Good, cl...
started by: Jacquet-396835 · last update: 1492703904 · posted: 1492703234
Long term property rental wanted 1 Home & Garden
We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the reg...
started by: RichandJude · last update: 1492703734 · posted: 1492622991
electrition 1 Home & Garden
Could someone change a light fitting in our bathroom please?
started by: redhead22 · last update: 1492698049 · posted: 1492697967
May to seek snap election for 8 June 13 General
If anyone is concerned about being able to vote, they need to register now.
started by: Rat Catcher-10052281 · last update: 1492694000 · posted: 1492510746
10 cd multi cd changer 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi I have a Sony 10 disc cd player that needs repairing can anyone recommend where in department 22 I can get it...
started by: porsha · last update: 1492689826 · posted: 1492626408
British and Irish Lions squad 2017 2 Sport & Leisure a...
started by: itinerant child-414831 · last update: 1492686990 · posted: 1492675809
Red tiled floor 3 Home & Garden
Hi Everyone,We need to match the original rectangular red tiles we have which are the same as most people...
started by: jamesbond-428526 · last update: 1492629752 · posted: 1492600705
Tax declaration if last years taxable in... 5 Financial & Legal
There have been many postings this year about online tax declarations being mandatory if your taxable income las...
started by: Emu-408495 · last update: 1492628209 · posted: 1492604437
Does everyone paying French income tax s... 6 Financial & Legal
Hello,My mother has been resident in France and paying French tax for some years. She does not seem to ha...
started by: BateauVert · last update: 1492602112 · posted: 1492540584
Speeding :-( 16 Cars, Bikes & Driving
So, I've got an "Avis De Contravention" for speeding (98 in a 90) - it was me and I probably was speeding so I w...
started by: Charles-Knight-873928 · last update: 1492598350 · posted: 1492434732
Tractor question 2 General
I have an old Renault tractor which has a single hydraulic take off pipe presumably for a tipping trailer. If yo...
started by: JohnP-390097 · last update: 1492549887 · posted: 1492499308
Singers, muscians wanted 0 Entertainment
Hello all budding muscials. The Buvette Etang du Dordu at Langoelan is open again for the season. We are lo...
started by: Monica-Maguire-852836 · last update: 1492440572 · posted: 1492440572
lift from dinard 20 april east mids arri... 0 General
looking for a lift as above to Ploerdut but anywhere near, Pontivy,Rostrenen etc share costs thanks or poss my c...
started by: LE FUR-986360 · last update: 1492433879 · posted: 1492433879
Plasterer wanted in dept.22 3 Home & Garden
Hi, we are still looking for a devis for some plastering works, I've emailed quite a few on here and had no repl...
started by: emma-rogers-866016 · last update: 1492420887 · posted: 1492418076
Tax number ? 2 General
I am being asked to supply my Tax Number.  I pay tax in France but cannot see any number on the various tax...
started by: andrew & elizabeth · last update: 1492418399 · posted: 1492413871