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Britany ferry discount code 5 General
I never travel back to the UK but my partener needs a discount code for her oldest daughter who is going back to...
started by: malcolm1-10066606 · last update: 1475130232 · posted: 1474231220
Anyone else watching them self destruct? 15 General
A few months ago anther anglo forum set up a website (a few actually).Started off ok...... but..... anyon...
started by: MockTheCasbah-979852 · last update: 1475099621 · posted: 1474993228
Taxe Fonciere 6 Financial & Legal
Last year (Oct) I received my first Taxe Fonciere bill which was for 90 euros.  The only costs details on t...
started by: Mella-392532 · last update: 1475086221 · posted: 1474438677
Mobile pay as you go sim cards 17 General
Hi does anyone know of a pay as you go card that doesn't cut off after 30 days ? one that carrys your unused cre...
started by: malcolm1-10066606 · last update: 1475075842 · posted: 1474733700
New equestrian events in aid of charity 0 Pets & Animals
During the month of October we have organised two events, including an equestrian vide grenier in aid of the Ass...
started by: jeanneashcroft-407856 · last update: 1475065111 · posted: 1475065111
Naturalisation 5 General
I have started to look into the process of naturalisation but I am hitting a brick wall.  I have contacted ...
started by: pony1 · last update: 1475062485 · posted: 1474741820
Is it best to buy a car here or in the U... 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
It's been 7 years since I registered a UK car here and now my 2 old cars have died within weeks of each other I ...
started by: Nightsky-402638 · last update: 1475058318 · posted: 1474978843
Paint stripper 0 General
Hi.have posted this under the car section but think it might be seen more on DIY I need paint stripper wo...
started by: echogang · last update: 1475055940 · posted: 1475055940
carte grise 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Anyone been issued with a temporary carte grise from carhaix?
started by: Magz1234 · last update: 1475026094 · posted: 1474990645
Certificate of Conformity 7 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Morning all. Looking to source a Certificate of Conformity for truck.Found a company based in Bristol. Se...
started by: Hammyhamster · last update: 1474995540 · posted: 1474437479
Cancel Telephone 3 General
I seem to remember that somewhere on this site was a standard letter for forwarding to telephone suppliers to ca...
started by: devon129 · last update: 1474990554 · posted: 1474804214
Profosse 2 Home & Garden
Is Profosse based in Gouarec still in business? Trying to contact them but no luuck so far. They used to adverti...
started by: Bald Eagle-381831 · last update: 1474988551 · posted: 1474800291
SPAM 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Beware anyone selling possibly anything but more likely vehicles.Emails from TORSTEN ROHDE are scam,the u...
started by: hailoffame · last update: 1474982657 · posted: 1474982657
Collection for the Cat Sanctuary near Au... 0 General
I'm putting this in the General section because like me, most people I talk to don't check the events section an...
started by: whitewitchjs-386316 · last update: 1474979556 · posted: 1474979556
Desperate for a good dentist 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Please can some one help me I have been butchered by a dentist, I have been desperate to see another someone who...
started by: paginator-402855 · last update: 1474978482 · posted: 1474969892
Where to buy Lycamobile top up card 2 General
Now the LA Presse is closing down in Callac does someone know where I can get a top up card for Lycamobile. Trie...
started by: Kerroux · last update: 1474975706 · posted: 1474967556
Removal Company recommendations 2 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend a company or individual with a large van to do a house removal with in France, from Brittan...
started by: Sesmarias · last update: 1474959798 · posted: 1474880671
Wonder if anyone can help. I want to buy a Double Door Woodburner Charnwood/Hunter or similar.  They seem m...
started by: Evelyn56 · last update: 1474920847 · posted: 1474891111
CIDERAL waste collection form 1 Financial & Legal
Hi, I have a second home in Brittany that, until this year, I have not had to pay Habitation Taxe on as it was b...
started by: mayfrench · last update: 1474890184 · posted: 1474887687
orange 2 General
Does Anyone out there know the number for english speaking "orange" please
started by: Mad Suzie · last update: 1474881774 · posted: 1474880288
hotel/BB in the callac area that takes a... 1 General
Hi,I was wondering if anyone knows a hotel or BB that would take a dog for a night in the callac/carhaix ...
started by: jessie1 · last update: 1474879397 · posted: 1474877453
School Day 20 Families & Kids
I think it is nuts, my Step Daughter, (French) has to get up at 0600, for my wife to take her to catch the bus a...
started by: Tryval · last update: 1474875281 · posted: 1474582549
Lost keys 5 General
Hi.... this is a long shot but is there anyone in the next few days going back to north devon.... barnstaple... ...
started by: bonnierigg · last update: 1474833582 · posted: 1474736973
Boiler problems in my static caravan 5 Home & Garden
started by: mike edwards-431067 · last update: 1474804334 · posted: 1474537792
Humax Freesat with Freetime Recorder 9 Entertainment
I have just purchased a HDR-1100S Humax Freesat with Freetime Recorder HDR-1100S to replace our Sky box at our h...
started by: Famille Chaffe · last update: 1474794472 · posted: 1474488671
FOS Septic - Is there a Grant available 9 Home & Garden
started by: Cheekiweeki-817816 · last update: 1474750607 · posted: 1474543062
Milk Thistle 5 General
I need some Milk Thistle for my dog - would anyone know where I could get this from please. I am near Pontorson ...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1474731977 · posted: 1474646158
Have you had an issue with a Callac Gara... 4 General
Have you had an issue with a Callac Garage?been over charged?, or keep getting work done but the fault ne...
started by: shaun-tay-870384 · last update: 1474730519 · posted: 1474636028
house rental, long term 0 General
hi to everyone, looking for a house rental around the mael carhaix area, budget upto 500 euro a month (less woul...
started by: scooby-385664 · last update: 1474720581 · posted: 1474720581
Lime render 7 Home & Garden
Hello, we are looking for an expert in lime rendering for one of our buildings.Can anyone recommend anyone pleas...
started by: emma-rogers-866016 · last update: 1474711560 · posted: 1474445393
Poor workmanship 10 AngloINFO Support
On behalf of a friend who has had some work carried out by a registered workman ,the work was shoddy and unfinis...
started by: attoo · last update: 1474699097 · posted: 1474373827
Brittany Ferries Code 7 General
I am trying to book our trip to the UK this Christmas.  Have finally decided to go 1 way by DFDS and return...
started by: pony1 · last update: 1474625816 · posted: 1474188866
Any Brass musicians out there?? 6 Entertainment
We are a middle aged couple intending to relocate permanently in Gourin next year and we both play brass (trombo...
started by: Sue-Bohanna-869485 · last update: 1474625299 · posted: 1474471828
marking advert as sold 2 AngloINFO Support
Please can you tell me how to edit a classified ad. Our chickens are now all sold
started by: Julie29-422714 · last update: 1474625245 · posted: 1474616337
Thoughts on living in France. Changes? 31 General
Having lived in Briitany as a resident,Tax payers, etc.For 8 Years,we moved back to UK about 5 years ago. Fam...
started by: Gastines3 · last update: 1474619152 · posted: 1474452793
Musical Introduction! 4 Entertainment
Hi All - new to this forum and to Brittany. I'm a singer songwriter and record producer, just buying a place nea...
started by: Simon-S · last update: 1474566448 · posted: 1474456816
Lift needed to dinard airport sunday for... 1 General
started by: jcb-387022 · last update: 1474552531 · posted: 1474552325
ChezNous or French Connections? 0 General
I've decided to advertise with eitherFrench Connections or ChezNous. Is there anyone who...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1474550385 · posted: 1474550385
Social Contribution 2 Financial & Legal
Can anybody please explain to me why after having paid Social contribution for the last 11 years (last year at 1...
started by: DavePB · last update: 1474533330 · posted: 1474466793
Armistice Day 3 General
Does anyone know if the shops and markets are normally open on Armistice Day?
started by: Famille Chaffe · last update: 1474528090 · posted: 1474491020
scammers 7 AngloINFO Support
micheal gee is a scammer troiling the classified adds,be warned
started by: stevietee · last update: 1474470483 · posted: 1474301224
STORAGE 0 Home & Garden
Dry storage for campers/caravans etc during the Winter months. If any one interested please pm me on here or tel...
started by: BlueberryBelle · last update: 1474461585 · posted: 1474461585
Faceless Admin 6 AngloINFO Support
Cant even reply to a comment about deleted adverts,   I'll ask again, Why was...
started by: Dentarthurdent-797340 · last update: 1474443963 · posted: 1474397410
Plant sale this Saturday near Dinan 0 Home & Garden
started by: Chuffter · last update: 1474365712 · posted: 1474365712
Electrician needed 7 Home & Garden
Hi can anyone recommend and electrician near Langourla dept. 22 for a new installation please?
started by: emma-rogers-866016 · last update: 1474365215 · posted: 1474198670
private email 3 AngloINFO Support
Why can we no longer private message people? OR if we can, how do we now do it?
started by: jessie Baud 56 · last update: 1474347459 · posted: 1474210854
telephone and broadbanc 0 Home & Garden
Hi, has anyone found a telephone/internet deal aimed at second homers that works out a bit cheaper due to part-t...
started by: tumbleweed-892788 · last update: 1474276508 · posted: 1474276508
Wood burning stoves 1 Home & Garden
Hi. I'm looking for a wood burner stove, not the wort that's set in the wall, but one that stands alone in the f...
started by: JonJay-10044070 · last update: 1474270411 · posted: 1474207923
garden fires 4 Home & Garden
Anyone know the rules now ?  It used to be the case fires were banned between April and September.  Ar...
started by: andychi · last update: 1474268173 · posted: 1474220738
I am looking for a company who can move a static caravan within Brittany? thanks
started by: Diane65 · last update: 1474212430 · posted: 1474212430