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Do you have a Property in Saint Gilles du Mene?We are looking for British families who live in the area,  to give advice on the local area, trades etc.Many thanks Marilyn 

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In December 2020 I completed the purchase of a house in Cotes D'Amor and travelled on the 16th December 2020 to appraise the work required and make a start. At the same time I applied on-line for a Residency permit and carried a copy of the resulting receipt with me. I do not own or part-own a property in the UK, and have lived as a citizen of an EU member state in Brittany previously - I owned a house there. In the last few days I have had an email to say the my residency has been approved and that I will be contacted with an appointment to visit the prefecture for photos and biometrics.So, the questions I have of my fellow Angloinfo members is a., what can I expect at the prefecture in terms of procedure, b., will I get away with almost zero French language skills (absolutely shameful I know, but I will be doing something about it), c., can I bring someone with me to help with the language issues, d., what practical steps are there required to get in to France/Brittany - I have had both vaccinations and will be looking at providing proof - thinking about the entry testing and self-isolation, e., any other comments or advice that anyone can offer either based on their own experience or their knowledge of others eg., is there more to the 'photos and biometrics' process than that (and fingerprinting) such as an interview/language proficiency testing?It is my intention to live in France, by the way, not just to enjoy an enhanced tourist status.Many thanks,Steve

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Can anyone please tell me how to edit a private classified once it has been posted, Many thanks Alan

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We seem to have polecats/stone martins in our loft. We live half was between Fougeres and Avranches. Does anyone know any specialised pest control companies in our area that may be able to help us?

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Why are there such old postings on AI?  Lots of them I am looking at turned out to be 17 years old?  

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We don't have it easy, us 'celibataires' !!! It's hard enough in the UK to meet new friends and find love never mind about rural France. And there aren't that many of us ! Addressing the singletons first. No matter how fluent your French, it's hard to cut off an English head and replace it with a French one. An hour or so of chatting (mostly banal stuff because I can completely communicate my inner feelings !) always gives me a headache and there is no denying that our idosyncracies and culture make us completely different. Believe me, I have tried. 5 years of dating on Meetic and I have met a few dozen French men over the years ..... but it's never worked out more than a maximum of three dates and either they get fed up because of the language or I can't go the extra mile ! I know that us singletons range from, say early 40's up to our 60's. It's never too late for lurve ! It's also hard to forge friendships if you are a singleton. Couples have it much easier .... and are much more accepted, n'est pas? It would be great if Anglo Info introduced a section for "Friendship and Would Like to Meet". Much better also if it went across the board on all the Anglo Infos ...just like the new Blogs. Then we could meet other AI members all over France and have a better chance of walking into the sunset ! Come on Anglo Info ...give it a shot !!

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Is anyone else having a problem with the opening forum page? For a few days, each time I open this, the latest postings show, but when read one of these, and then press the 'back' button, I end up with postings five or six days old. Very annoying!Sue Flude

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Can anyone advise me how I can get a copy of my S1 form so I can access NHS care when visiting the  U K after BREXIT please ?

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We have sold our French house and need to have the house packed up and furniture moved to Salisbury .UK.does anyone have a van returning that will be empty? If not does anyone know of a reasonably priced company who could do this?Thank you  

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Hi Looking for an excise bike, no joy so I will go over to the Normandy forum to try to find one. Bit stupid, but how do I get there please?

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Can’t seem to find recent ads. All are 2 months plus. Any ideas please!

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was looking to find the email address for theophat who wrote me before but i've lost their details. can anyone pls advise on how if can find their email address ?ta

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There is no provision for deleting my account or from deleting my post in the classified section. Why is this? 

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Is there no one keeping an eye on this website?  Classifieds full of illegal fake documents, counterfeit money and other such scams and now the Discussions section is full of Chinese malware.  Come on guys, either maintain this site or call it a day.

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Hi just wondering if anybody wanted assistance with a move to Brittany from nw England as we have 4 item's of furniture we couldn't fit in our removal van from Lancashire to laniscat district 22. Happy to assist you with costs Many thanks again 

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Hi, edf are installing new under ground cables to my home and a new meter and box into my garden wall.What sort of meter will they install?Am I to assume it will be a linky meter?Can I ask for a different sort?Jane

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I have spent the morning trying to submit a classified advert for a caravan, it tells me it is 'being submitted' and then just reverts to 'continue' I have tried several times but nothing seems to happen

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We're trying to place an advert and it wont let us submit it. At the bottom it says "CAPTCHA is incomplete" what does this mean and what do we need to do?

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Can anyone give me a phone number for veolia English speaking in Carhaix or Nantes, that’s where in bill comes from. Always paid before on line, but it just won’t let me. Would appreciate any help. Regards Dave

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