started by: Wildhorn-430708 · last update: 1581543393 · posted: 1569683614

Can anyone advise me how I can get a copy of my S1 form so I can access NHS care when visiting the  U K after BREXIT please ?

started by: RAS-408884 · last update: 1579682330 · posted: 1579682330

Can’t seem to find recent ads. All are 2 months plus. Any ideas please!

started by: jnorthr-405255 · last update: 1572995475 · posted: 1340708782

was looking to find the email address for theophat who wrote me before but i've lost their details. can anyone pls advise on how if can find their email address ?ta

started by: jan-morgan-946803 · last update: 1572635804 · posted: 1572549722

There is no provision for deleting my account or from deleting my post in the classified section. Why is this? 

started by: Ronald-McDonald-933428 · last update: 1567065647 · posted: 1567062925

Is there no one keeping an eye on this website?  Classifieds full of illegal fake documents, counterfeit money and other such scams and now the Discussions section is full of Chinese malware.  Come on guys, either maintain this site or call it a day.

started by: Grasshopper52 · last update: 1564909644 · posted: 1361289323

Can anyone please tell me how to edit a private classified once it has been posted, Many thanks Alan

started by: Mark-Carlsson-933286 · last update: 1560676474 · posted: 1560676474

Hi just wondering if anybody wanted assistance with a move to Brittany from nw England as we have 4 item's of furniture we couldn't fit in our removal van from Lancashire to laniscat district 22. Happy to assist you with costs Many thanks again 

started by: Jane Batt · last update: 1550962918 · posted: 1517419961

Hi, edf are installing new under ground cables to my home and a new meter and box into my garden wall.What sort of meter will they install?Am I to assume it will be a linky meter?Can I ask for a different sort?Jane

started by: Julie29-422714 · last update: 1528022948 · posted: 1472460683

I have spent the morning trying to submit a classified advert for a caravan, it tells me it is 'being submitted' and then just reverts to 'continue' I have tried several times but nothing seems to happen

started by: Andrew Haigh-438969 · last update: 1520554785 · posted: 1477055385

We're trying to place an advert and it wont let us submit it. At the bottom it says "CAPTCHA is incomplete" what does this mean and what do we need to do?

started by: david horton · last update: 1518195317 · posted: 1518172182

Can anyone give me a phone number for veolia English speaking in Carhaix or Nantes, that’s where in bill comes from. Always paid before on line, but it just won’t let me. Would appreciate any help. Regards Dave

started by: John-Cooper-918340 · last update: 1514988842 · posted: 1514884527

I am looking into buying a piece of land close to the Melrand area, Morbihan with a view of building a house as a long term project. Does anyone have details of an architect that they would recommend, as i am guessing this is going to be my 1st requirement. Any further help or advice greatfully received. This has been a life long ambitionThanks John

started by: huelgoat10 · last update: 1512890296 · posted: 1512854159

HiI am trying to post a message in reply to an advert and nothing seems to happen.Any ideas of what may be wrong.Thanks

started by: jpriscilla · last update: 1512752801 · posted: 1512723646

how do I delete a classified ad on my windows 10 computer. I have sold my car but cannot inform potential customers.t

started by: Chris-Haines-865515 · last update: 1512472884 · posted: 1512472884

started by: james-sleith-864724 · last update: 1512055960 · posted: 1511859590

We would appreciate any advice on taxation regarding the income we receive from our holiday let. we estimate that after costings we receive about £1000 a year net profit. We appreciate any advice on this.Kindest Regards  James and penelope

started by: skydiver-437154 · last update: 1510076401 · posted: 1510076401

can any poster advise on the cheapest  way / service to post parcels of various size ( not large )  to the uk.  post office  too costly ........WELCOME  positive info.   thank you.

started by: Helena-Bennett-910726 · last update: 1508397986 · posted: 1508310610

Hi. I had to phone EDF on my mobile on there English speaking number. 17min phone call £22 bill. What a disgrace

started by: Mark-Whawell-862982 · last update: 1503860600 · posted: 1503675120

When I try to post my for sale item I keep getting asked to enter some detail. which I have done !!!

started by: kittenkat1 · last update: 1501049433 · posted: 1500981909

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