Adding a photo to a classified ad

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Can anyone tell me how to do this please?Have tried dragging/dropping and also clicking on browse but neither work

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taxes 1459962141

I have been trying for 2 days tired of this site not working properly
I am about to give up...

Richard-389735 1460120151

Hi Koshka, tried it a few times and it seems to be working for me. Can you let me know what device, operating system and browser you are using? Richard

Lapin-436112 1460124023

I am using a laptop and firefox. I can download the picture and see it in the ad, but when clicking the captcha and validating the ad it wont keeps spinning and the ad never goes online....if I try it without a picture it does validate! :(

Koshka-444764 1460129684

Hi Richard, I'm using a PC, windows XP. I can get the ad. on OK but no photos

Richard-389735 1460209307

Hi Koshka

Sorry, but I think it is your set up. XP is no longer supported by Microsoft (since April last year) and they withdrew support for Internet Explorers that worked on it at the start of this year.

Are you using Internet Explorer or another browser?


Koshka-444764 1460217207

I'm using internet explorer. Yes, I know that support is coming to an end but I placed an ad in February on your old site without any problems. I think it's your setup rather than mine. No probs with anything else

Richard-389735 1460400181

Hi Koshka,

Sorry for the delay. Regretfully Microsoft have stopped supporting both XP in 2014 and the Internet explorers that it can run in January of this year. They only support IE11 now. You really need to replace either the computer or, if you can, upgrase the operating system. Your computer is now a security risk for you, please see the links below.


Bean Bag 1460642234

Yes indeed microsoft have visions of grandeur & wish to rule the world ,they tell us it's what we need & how exciting but the truth is they want you to buy all their Samsung tablets phones etc. & use microsoft edge if on a computer so we all get an epileptic fit or end up in a trance with all the flashing adverts that most us do not want to see in this form. We all just want something that is stable & functions correctly.

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