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I am looking into buying a piece of land close to the Melrand area, Morbihan with a view of building a house as a long term project. Does anyone have details of an architect that they would recommend, as i am guessing this is going to be my 1st requirement. Any further help or advice greatfully received. This has been a life long ambitionThanks John

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Try Brittany Architectural Services. Email tel 0296 83 79 76

They advertise on this site

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Ask at your local Mairie. They will know of somebody local and also know the names of the (good) local artisans.

You would be advised on all counts to go for somebody local as they will look after you when the project is finished. .....and look for an architect who advises holding back 5% of each artisan invoice until a year after the project is finished.

That focuses the mind!

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Hi John cooper. We used a French  speaking British architect for our house 4 years ago. 

He lives near Bieuzy, not that far from Melrand. Hopefully this link will work.  but if not, just put Tom holdom into a search engine,

his web site shows you the styles of houses he has built. Ours is wood framed and we are very happy with it

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You can link here to the Business Directory on Angloinfo whch has a good list of English speaking Architects and many of them cover a large area - hope this helps.

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Does the land have a certificat d'urbanisme or if not how does it fit in with the Plan local d'urbanisme? You need to speak to your Mairie before splashing out on an architect to see if what you want to do is feasable

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