cant mark my ad as sold

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i have a current free ad for our renault traffic  which is now sold, so ive signed in to site here, gone to my anglo, clicked on my postings and despite many it says i have none! ive clicked on all my personal settings to try to access the ad to mark it as sold , but to no avail. can anyone tell me how to mark it as sold as it is not reconised i have one single post on here! altho i have many.....and dosent show my classified ad so can change the status. anyone help?

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richard-389735 here is a link to the ad please mark as sold as your site as you know dosent work.
i hope you get your money back from whomever made this 'total revamp ' of anglo as i fear it will end up costing you your franchise it dosent work does it? so many stupid mistakes its also in many areas unusable.

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Done, well as best as I can. Glad it sold.

And yes was thinking the same myself.


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