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Can anyone please tell me how to edit a private classified once it has been posted, Many thanks Alan

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Via "MyAngloINFO" on top right hand side of screen :-)

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help i need a dentist

Eileen Nelson 1564909644

Help, I need a new home for my 2 girls.  Collie x Labrador.  20 months old.. Trained to walk off lead. Both are neutered.  Gentle characters.  When the pups were about 4 weeks old, we found them on a job site abandoned.  We are not dog people, but took them on anyway.  The problem is, we have 3 cats.  We have never been able to train the dogs to stop chasing our cats with intent. 2 of our cats are terrified to leave our bedroom.  Please no hate mail. We have tryed our best. If you are seriously interested call Eileen 0624398232 

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