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I have been trying to list a business and having a problem but can't find a contact link to get assistance. Is there a phone number or email link. I have tried the contact link at the bottom but get no response?

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Sarah 1463910271

May I ask what system you are using?

Brittany Sailing 1463910919

We are running windows 10.

There are several issues I need to address both with the new posting (you are missing the sub category for electricians) and also making changes to an existing posting.

Brad.Swain 1463912559

Hi Sarah.

Sorry for any confusion but I was logged into the wrong profile when I replied.

Sarah 1463914788

Send an email to as I am afraid all emails are still going to central and they are not passing them onto us which is very frustrating

Brad.Swain 1463914923

Thanks Will do.

Sarah 1463918062

Unsure why you cannot see electricians as they are there :)

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