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Marko Polo



In the discussion pages there are ads on the right hand side, which I presume Admin add from their end. What about adding, in the guise of an ad, a 'Contact Admin' box, which stays at the top?

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Sarah 1463468708

Very good idea but it's not possible at the moment.  At present central receive ALL our e-mails and have not forwarded them onto us.   Will chase them up again today as there should be a 'button' in place by now, however if anyone wishes to contact us direct please post here & I shall e-mail you with contact details.

digitalinteractif 1463478711

Is there a problem adding classifieds?

The captcha code never loads when trying to submit the ad, so cant submit the details??

Sarah 1463484216

digitalinteractif I have just tired and didn't have a problem. What system are you using?

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