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Pam Jones



I have placed a classified ad for a cooker for sale twice , once 6 days ago and after that was removed again 2 days ago. Admin have seen fit to delete them and on my angloinfo it is marked as sold which it is not! I want to contact admin to ask what is going on, but cannot find any way of doing so, does anyone have the answer?

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Sarah 1462437740

Morning I can see 2 listings for your cooker neither marked as sold -

Pam Jones 1462443279

Sarah, thank you for your reply, it is obviously me finding the new site diffiulut to use.

Sarah 1462445386

Pleasure will just be glad when everything is working :) enjoy the bank holiday

falabella 1462527337

Hey Sarah please can you take a look at my query in this discussion group made 6 days ago. You have not even bothered to look at it!!! How rude can you be? You have replied to this request placed a day ago but not others placed before - so must I just add to this discussion on a daily basis to get heard?

Sarah 1462531184

falabella see other posting

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