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Marko Polo



Hi Richard and SarahCould you please indicate what the criteria are for the deletion of a post or topic? And do you get in touch with the poster before anything is done? I'm not looking to have any particular post or topic deleted, just trying to clarify for the users here.

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Sarah 1462640667

If a posting is abusive, personal towards another forum member, commercial, we also use to delete English speaking doctors and vets but do not have to now. There was a list we could pick from when deleting and another similar one is being put together. Oh and cats + dogs with no chip number. Probably missed something up hope that helps.  We find that people report users so we can check what the problem is - it's not always clear.  Hope this helps.

Marko Polo 1462702231

Thanks. Yes, a list would be useful, if something is deleted you can point the poster to the relevant list item to explain why.

Zorba-LeGrec 1462982728

A list? That sounds intersting. I never had anything but a vague reference to the sacred "Terms & Conditions" and my experience goes back nearly ten years.

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