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Hi, What's happened to business listings ?  Just looked out of curiosity as wondered if our listing has changed - but it's completely gone. Can understand that there may have been a lot of really outdated stuff on there, but NO communication from AI to say that info would disappear, nor to say pls update your business listing. Very poor pre-planning & customer service. With all the teething problems, not sure who will relist now - or even if it will still be free as before.

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All directory content was moved over (that worked!), so you should be in the correct category, what is your business called?

Meldrew-391022 1458641272

Hi Richard, no it didn't work! Click on my ad in directory Wellesley House Surveying, and you will see that the phone number is my mobile with the last 2 numbers stated as XX and the other number I don't recognize, I think it was my fax number from about 8 years ago - stupid bas****s have used old info to do the transfer. Seriously considering whether it is worth renewing adverts on the whole AI family this year, as you know I advertise on about 4 0r 5 franchises, may as well save the grand plus it costs me as no-one will be able to contact me anyway from your site.

Richard-389735 1458643283

Hi Nick, so you are vcpsubs as well? And yes it has copied your advert over from the old site including your mobile number and the fax number which was also shown on it. Will get the fax number removed. Would you prefer your office number to appear instead of your mobile?

Meldrew-391022 1458645967

Probably best with office number although they are actually linked, some people are averse to ringing a mobile from the UK. Yes remove fax as no longer relevant - talk again when I have calmed down!!! I suspect HO will be offering vastly reduced advertising fees this year - Ha Ha

Meldrew-391022 1458646050

Just re-read your reply - no I am not vpsubs, they are another unhappy bunny!!!

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