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ADMIN  - When I go to EVENTS , say Antiques and Vide Greniers the -WHERE box does not allow me to enter anything! I have tried this a few times but no success in specifying a location, so the list that appears has events all over the place  and not in a particular locality . Not much help if I just want to look at say , Morbihan events 

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Richard-389735 1458827268

Hi Rudge, yes we have reported it to Central and Events are the next fix, after Classifieds and Discussions. Very disheartening when we have over 2000 events of which around 900 are vide greniers, all put on by hand and the system doesn't work. Richard

Rudge 1458991830

Richard, another problem with events is that there is not sufficient initial location , without clicking on the event heading . Just to list a Vide Grenier in 'Salles des Sports' without the heading stating it is in Vannes is not much use to me and time wasting. . I get fed up clicking on the listings to either get a more precise location or a map . Unless things are sorted out soon on this site I will be looking elsewhere, it really is much worse than the original, not much has been fixed yet , I see the cclsssified and discussions are thinning out already as people go elsewhere. A shame .

Sarah 1459410064

Rudge they are working on this and I am trying to add the location in the title now which as you can imagine is very time consuming!

Rudge 1459411279

I am sure that a lot of the problems can be very time consuming to fix, it is a pity this new site was used before it had been properly done and tested , it appears to be in a 'developmental' stage at present, many of the problems are blatantly obvious .

Sarah 1459412361

Rudge I agree with you on the plus side the sun is shining :)

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