Feedback from Brittany AI ???

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Has anyone heard or seen anything from the 'Owner' of the AI - Brittany site since the change over to this 'poor' new design ? I know they were never that forthcoming - unless it was to delete posts - they must be seeing the monies they earn shrink by the day after AI HQ has taken their cut ? Not something to invest in at the moment.

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Willard Spoon 1458317051

To answer your opening question................NO.

Philealing 1458319253

If you look at my posting entitled "AI Response Please" you will see that someone called Richard (followed by lots of numbers?) did respond.

Philealing 1458320134

Oh dear. I will see if I can cut and paste it here. Out of interest I have left a message on the AI HQ Facebook page requesting they add a banner to the Brittany Discussion page with an update as to what is happening.

Philealing 1458320422

How very odd, although maybe not given our recent experiences. I searched for it ten minutes ago and it was there. I searched just now so I can cut and paste it and it's vanished. Sorry.

ScarboroughWhites-442058 1458329576

The simple answer is we are as much in the dark as you. However, we are passing feedback, both the good and the bad, to Central and they will be working on some of the suggestions that have been made once the functionality has been improved. Also lot of the feedback has been very helpful to them in working out what they need to change to make the site work more smoothly. Oh and yes, we agree that the functionality at launch could and should have been better and Central have been introducing fixes on a daily basis to improve the user experience, and will continue to do so until the site is working properly. - See more at:

ScarboroughWhites-442058 1458329652

good and bad feedback - struggle to find the good !!!!!!

Rudge 1458587648

just tried to post some constructive comments to Admin, but the site would not allow me to get past the first stage . I had hoped to start a new discussion about problems , addressed at admin , but was unable to do so , hence my follow on to this post . I just want to know what is being done to address all the user problems , some idea of a timescale to get things working properly so I can use the site as before without wasting time trying to navigate, reply to postings, look up events etc .
Some comments from admin, or an apology for what has gone wrong would be good

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