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Sue Flude



Is anyone else having a problem with the opening forum page? For a few days, each time I open this, the latest postings show, but when read one of these, and then press the 'back' button, I end up with postings five or six days old. Very annoying!Sue Flude

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The Vino Duo 1149640303


Im having probs posting replies. Works on some discussions not others. The reply indicator for number of replies clocks up but my posting doesnt show. Know Im not being rude or giving any forbidden info. The classic example is lyndylou topic about trains. Tried to post says 5 replies but only one. gremlins somewhere




Al & Marie

The Vino Duo 1149640605

Whats even funnier is that I just did what Sue posted. Pressed forums saw Sues posting replied to it only to find it was old thread. Appeared as new in my window. When using back button was sent back to 2005 forums. Anyone else got gremlins at mo

Al & Marie

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