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We don't have it easy, us 'celibataires' !!! It's hard enough in the UK to meet new friends and find love never mind about rural France. And there aren't that many of us ! Addressing the singletons first. No matter how fluent your French, it's hard to cut off an English head and replace it with a French one. An hour or so of chatting (mostly banal stuff because I can completely communicate my inner feelings !) always gives me a headache and there is no denying that our idosyncracies and culture make us completely different. Believe me, I have tried. 5 years of dating on Meetic and I have met a few dozen French men over the years ..... but it's never worked out more than a maximum of three dates and either they get fed up because of the language or I can't go the extra mile ! I know that us singletons range from, say early 40's up to our 60's. It's never too late for lurve ! It's also hard to forge friendships if you are a singleton. Couples have it much easier .... and are much more accepted, n'est pas? It would be great if Anglo Info introduced a section for "Friendship and Would Like to Meet". Much better also if it went across the board on all the Anglo Infos ...just like the new Blogs. Then we could meet other AI members all over France and have a better chance of walking into the sunset ! Come on Anglo Info ...give it a shot !!

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JohnP-390097 1290359552

It is difficult being single here. I lost my wife 3 1/2 years ago now and would really like to meet someone, I get so lonely sometimes. There have been a number of similar threads on here but they all seem to fizzle out fairly quickly after the usual advice on trying dating sites or joining various hobby clubs. Some of the dating sites can be quite expensive if like me you are on a limited income.
Perhaps there are some people out there who have been single over here and found someone, it would be interesting to hear their experiences if they would like to share them.

h82w8 1290375263

This time last year i was also single. I loaded some photos of myself and my pets and my friends onto and wrote a bit about myself in the text. I then sent the reference number to a gentleman who was also looking for a friend and we were able to communicate on the net. After a few months we met up, we knew we had lots in common already and we are still together today.

Good luck with your friendships, its coming to the time of year when loneliness is multiplied and its easy to feel down and isolated so start getting in touch with others you might not find the love of your life but you will find friends.

Steve Gould 1290434093

I know and understand how you feel, it is very difficult to find someone and, as other people have said, it can be very expensive on these dating sites. So yes maybe Angloinfo could introduce a section? Bet it would get a big response.

Good luck.

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1613734852

"Steve Gould

10 years ago

I know and understand how you feel, it is very difficult to find someone and, as other people have said, it can be very expensive on these dating sites. So yes maybe Angloinfo could introduce a section? Bet it would get a big response.

Good luck.

Well Steve, here it is ten years later and the only response you get is someone saying something in Arabic script.   Ha ha ha ha

arbuckle-424917 1615204481

not looking for love but I’d love to have a friend to go out for
coffee with in CduF. Just some decent conversation after being in
solitary for so long would be nice.

Folle-Au Vent-980980 1615227688

What or where is CduF?

Linda-Davis-853218 1615392294


Although I have been back in the Uk for many years, I can still tell you that it is Chateauneuf-de Faou.

Linda-Davis-853218 1615392345

Shame I can't spell it properly.

Lilly111 1615488814

Dog walking is a great way to meet people and get exercise into the bargain it's also good for dogs to socialise and get an opportunity to play with other dogs I live in 22110 if any one wants to stretch their legs and meets some friendly mutts you can message me 

Rich by name 1615772766

should try dumping the social media and meeting real people then

bantry 1616061321

Hi all I am Elaine a middle aged lady in ireland who lived in france for six years i would like to converse in writing with anyone who would care to write to me you never know what will come out of it in the future

I was in france before Brexit and had a wonderful time in Brittany the reason i left france was to explore new pastures we live in difficult times at the moment and some people are lonely and need to communicate with others in the same boat

why not drop me a line i would love to hear from you and as i lived in france before will understand more of how you are feeling and how exciting it is to meet someone new to talk with

Trombone 1616997983

I have enjoyed reading the above discussion. Yes! I do concur with many of the sentiments expressed. I have no problem with the French language. I think one could say that I do speak it quite well. However, by choice, at the moment I have NO anglophone friends. That being said, I think that it would be most agreeable to have a meaningful friendship with an English speaking woman - (as I think that English is a culturally rich, flexible and beautiful language.) I am a single, middle aged man happily residing in 29590. I am most curious as to whether anything may transpire from my contribution to the above discussion. I wish you all a great day - (as best as one can during this current Covid-19 nightmare!)

bantry 1617350441

hello all again, Angloinfo used to be a fantastic place to find where to buy sell or make friends it was the bible of the day for the people living in Brittany, but something happened and it suddenly disappeared, the day that happened was a very sad day for people in Brittany who used the site for a myriad of references and it hasn't got back to what it used to be, then suddenly i get an email from them as a weekly newsletter which opened my eyes a little as i had not heard from Angloinfo for yrs, this is a great shame and do hope that it will come back to its former glory especially now as people are looking for a contact to converse with in these isolating times. As for me, i have not had a direct reply from my initial posting [ see above] but am cheered a little as now there seems to be slight movement in replies since ten yrs ago.

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