How do you private message someone ?

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As the title says. I tried to contact someone privately, go to their profile, put a message in the Envelope icon, click send. And there it stays. Doesn't 'go' anywhere. What am I doing wrong ?

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Fitter 1461876216

And also when you reply to an email notification that someone has sent you nothing happens.

Tilia 1461914539

Hallo? Admin? How do you use a feature on this site, please ?

Tilia 1461947105

Waiting, Sweetheat, just waiting.........(Oceans 11, the Mormon twins)

Richard-389735 1461999071

Hi Tilia

You can't the system doesn't work, Central were told a few days after launch, but they haven't fixed it yet on discussions.

You need to put a message instead on the thread.


Tilia 1462013778

Thank you Richard.
I cannot believe they left you in this situation. It is a private message that I would rather not broadcst over the ariwaves, so I am not going to be able to contact this poster.
Really defeats the purpose of a discussion forum. I feel you have been handed a total white elephant and am so sorry that you have to deal with this.

tilts 1462107369

I agree Tilia, it is not our couple at fault, it is Central, imagine how these poor guys feel....but, I have faith and don't intend giving up on AI.

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