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I used to browse your site almost every day. Since the launch of the new one, I've not looked for about 10 days. Hoped that, by now, it would have improved. It hasn't.  The old site was so much more user friendly - If it ain't broke why fix it?

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Hi Koshka, the site needed to be changed as the old one was falling apart in the background and we have to be mobile friendly, the old site simply wasn't. We have passed lots of our users comments onto Cetral and they are currently working on loads of fixes that will make the new site simpler to use. Items such as being able to see all recent discussions and clasifieds in one place, the text being made darker etc. I post updates etc. on the New Site thread, when Central have told us, so please keep an eye on that. Hope that helps. Richard

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Thanks for your reply Richard, I look forward to seeing the fixes

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