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I'm not enjoying visiting Anglo Info. It was simple before to just browse through. Why change it?

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Anonymous 1457975616

I suspect someone far, far away thought it was a good idea at the time. Like Sarkosy and his breathalyser law.

malcolm1-10066606 1457976681

Can'"t find my way around it now , no fotos on classifieds , it lacks its former qualities I find !

daveeho 1457980123

The classified advertisements do not have a insertion date, not good!

Rudge 1458421166

ADMIN- please, please go back to the original site , there are so many problems now for users it needs far more than a few 'tweaks' . It is totally non-user friendly , the poor contrast of the typeface is an annoyance , but the other problems would need a lengthly page to document , lack of date on things , site jumps all over the place trying to navigate , i can never stayed logged in ...........
There was nothing major wrong with the old site , perhaps just a bit of updating following advice from users .

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