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Red October



This site needs a complete re-vamp, I think I will give you one month and then I will start a new site which does what the customers want.We need to see all new adverts as soon as they are posted, free uploads of photos and easy to follow discussion groups, not too difficult is it.

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Iguana Rock 1457860055

Yes, I can't believe anyone thinks this website is acceptable. I am unable to amend an advert I placed, or add my location or add photos. It really is as much use as a chocolate fire-guard.

Pinkmeerkat 1457874672

Please do set up a new website, this one is now the worst site

big rog 42 1458121961

this site which used to be so good is now AWEFUL

No.6 1458143320

I agree wholeheartedly big rog 42 and Iguana Rock, about the choco fire gaurd lol!
Well done Pauline-d-852807, well put!

Theswerve 1458202707

A little bit of GOOD news this morning . My photo on my profile has reappeared. Perhaps AngloINFO are gradually getting there. Well done AI you are trying to solve the problems.

brittanyflyscreens2 1458293373

If you set up a new site please let me know as I would be happy to take my advertising elsewhere!

Red October 1464958803

OK, my new website is now on line . Free ads and pictures, pages for discussions etc. Please have a look and tell me what you think, politely please.
brittanysalesandwants dot com.
I have written it like that to avoid it being removed, the title is all one word. Hope you like it and criticism is expected.

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