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ADMIN - I click on a page for classifieds, then a page starts , before I  can click on a topic the page jumps to a different layout , it can take a few extra clicks before the page stabilises sufficiently for me to use it , very frustrating at times .

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Richard-389735 1458805917

Hi Rudge, Sorry don't understand. What are you trying to do and on what sort of device? Richard

Rudge 1458812474

Hi Richard, I am using laptop, running windows. If I open AngloInfo and go to say, discussions, it opens a page , then for example , if I try to click on a topic the page jumps to a different layout, then I try again and it finally stabilises to allow me to use it . generally I find the page layout on this new site unstable , I sometimes have to go back and click a couple of times to keep it still on my screen

Jo Taylor-790528 1458812866

Similar problem - clicking on one of the discussion sections, i.e. 'General'; it jumps back to the section I was previously browsing.

Jo Taylor-790528 1458813121

^ That's on IE11, PC, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
(I know someone else was told to use another browser. I do have others - but many use IE; sites should be compatible with all major browsers.)

Oh - and why do I have a number after my name?
Thank you.

Busterboy 1458815765

I think it the anoying drop down menu that keeps appearing when the curser is on the pink bar!!

Richard-389735 1458828067

Hi Rudge, are you using IE like Jo Taylor, if so what operating system and browser are you using? Jo we seem to have a few problems with IE 11 (earlier versions Microsoft stopped supporting at the start of the year) but that shouldn't have affected IE11, Central have been made aware and the numbers are part of the upcoming fix and should go. Busterboy the annoying drop down menu is a design feature so that the website is more mobile friendly. But like you I find it incredibly annoying unless I am using my mobile phone!

Rudge 1458897492

Hi, I am using IE9 and Google Chrome, dated I know but not had any problems with other sites

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