Question to admin/webmaster re last post.

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When clicking on the box marked "last" on a thread with multiple pages, it does not take you to the last page, or the last post. Could this please be fixed, all other forums that I inhabit have the facility to get to the last page or post.  

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Milford-427967 1384202756

It goes to the last page/posting when I click on "last"! Don't know why it doesn't when you try it, but then I'm not one of the admin'.

Jellybean14 1384203348

Up to around 4 pages of replies there is only a 'next page' button and once there is more pages you get a 'next page' and also a 'last page' button.

Londigny 1458377255

What's happened to the cinema listings page - listing stops at Rochfort !! There are English language films at Poitiers this week for sure - where are they ? Also on a tablet in vertical screen mode the page does not display properly - offset text and boxes - works ok in horizontal mode ?

Sarah 1458379710

Londigny I have just checked this and the list stops at Vannes for me so appears complete

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