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Hi. I like the look of the new site. Navigation is easy. However, where is the search button? Say in vehicles for sale, I like to search on a particular model, or in general, why can I not search for say, 'coffee table for sale'.Can we have a search button please Admin?Regards

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Sarah 1462884142

Hi There is a search button on the classifieds main page above the wording 'featured classifieds" and have just tested it (it works!!!!) -

Fitter 1462884174

There is an icon at the top left of the page-looks like a magnifying glass-leftclick on it and it brings up a search box etc.

Paul240480 1462884656

Hi, yeh I didn't see that, my bad. however just tried it & went I left click it it go's to 'Search.....' then back to the magnifying glass. Doesn't seem to work for me......

Paul240480 1462884822

Opps, hold up hold up....numtyness ensues.....tis me it works just fine. Thanks, I'll go for a lie down!

Sarah 1462884889

I used the long box on the front page of classifieds it says "I'm looking for" "For Sale" (that can be changed to wanted, giveaways etc.) and finally (if you want) "where?" Can you see this box?

Sarah 1462884922

Lol well done Paul

Marko Polo 1462897399

Magnifying glass doesn't work for me :(

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