So Sad... The site is getting worse!

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I have every sympathy for the Franchise owner of Angloinfo - Brittany. Unfortunately when a website Database is destroyed it is virtually impossible to recover.Links to crucial information pages still do not work and the supposed change to a mobile friendly format has failed. My Android devices have the same issues with the site as with my Windows Laptop.Seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding about user and search engine friendly design requirements. Normal search engines read TEXT not pretty graphics on website pages and yet the focus has moved from an easy to use, mainly text format, to a graphic intensive design which takes ages to load  for the average user to read. Whoever decided the changes has a lot to answer for. Site revenue I believe will drop as historic users vote with their feet!

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Yasminh14 1459696166

Yes, the new site really is terrible. I doubt I will continue to use it much, it was much better previously.

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