Still trying to post a free classified

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I have e-mailed AI to ask what I'm doing wrong but no reply.Can I assume AI doesn't really want free ads?

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tinkatonk 1458465190

i just did a test advert and all worked correctly including the captcha. Have you checked back through to make sure none of your boxes have gone red to show an error? it is silly that the advert goes live BEFORE the preview.

tinkatonk 1458465298

Did the captcha go green when you clicked/pressed it?

hoffroader35 1458466194

Yeah, all fields were green so I assumed it would go through but no.

Richard-389735 1458500338

Hi Hoffroader35, did you manage to get it to work?

vcpsubs 1458577719

My ad went live - twice, but I never got the e-mail confirming it was available, just found it by chance...

hoffroader35 1458580249

Just tried again, all boxes were green but still read CAPTCHA INCOMPLETE! Giving up now and try to find a sensible website!

hazie 1458590093

I too am having trouble posting a classified (a cat for adoption). I've tried twice now and had the email to say that the mail is being reviewed but it's been over a week now and nothing. I've just checked to see if it had been posted but all the adoptions seem to have disappeared.

I've also tried to contact via the contact page on the website but received no reply.

Sorry to be negative but the site really isn't very user friendly, it's not as intuitive as the previous one and I find it hard to believe it was tested.

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