Things are getting worse

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Just spent several hours (off and on) trying to place a classified. Didn't manage it but someone else has - 22 times for the same advert!

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Rudge 1460359335

I agree it not the easiest to place an ad, but it did only take me 5 minutes or so to place one the other day with a little bit of experimentation.
The steps are not entirely logical, and from various recent postings it can appear that it costs 30€....!
The layout and steps need a complete revision, I can see that it presently deters many people from the recent reduction in ads placed .

Richard-389735 1460400358

Koshka, See my reply to your other question. Your computer is a security risk and needs updating.


eileensworld 1460477625

I have tried twice to place an advert but the site is absolute rubbish. What have they done to it it just won't work??

Richard-389735 1460484485

Hi Eileensworld.

Same question I asked Koshka on another thread, what device, operating system and browser are you using?

Regretfully Koshka was using a laptop running XP and an out of date browser neither of which are supported by Microsoft and are a security risk; hence my reply to her, on the other thread I provided some links so she could find out more.

So please let me know and I will try to help.


Ozzy Mandias 1460533286

So now people have to upgrade their computers in order to be able to use Angloinfo! The arrogance of these people is astonishing! Angloinfo Central and/or franchisees have really become commercially suicidal. XP is still a perfectly good operating system used by many companies worldwide.

Sarah 1460534141

Microsoft stopped supporting both XP in 2014 and the Internet explorers that it can run in January of this year. They only support IE11 now. Please see the links below.

Beautiful Brittany 1460561323

Do try and keep up Ozzy. Windows XP was released in August 2001, some 14 years ago. The last service pack or major release was 7 years ago in 2008!!

How old is the hardware you are running XP on?

While this site has far to many bugs (seriously admin... I could fix the login problem in 5 mins) it is a leap forward that you, anybody using an unsupported and/or out of date operating system will simply not be able to experience.

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