Trouble placing an advert

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We're trying to place an advert and it wont let us submit it. At the bottom it says "CAPTCHA is incomplete" what does this mean and what do we need to do?

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colin22 1477167267

I haven't checked the requirements for placing an ad, but I do know what this is.  Sometimes when you for example place an order online anywhere it will ask you to look below to a small square with random letters symbols etc to prove it might tell you that you aren't a robot or you are genuin.  Just copy what you are shewn and hopefully proceed! So try again and look for this request.

Dik Caggles 1477167556

Complete the CAPTCHA. Simples.

yipee ki-yay 1477169754

SIMPLES ! don't you mean simple Dikky, obviously it isn't is it?

P.S. there's a couple of posts that you have missed sticking your snout in tonight, keep going...

Dik Caggles 1477170022

No. Like Alexander is fond of saying. Simples.

Dik Caggles 1477170356

And from the sound of the original question which states "We're trying to place and advert..." there is at least two people involved. This makes it a plural situation... so SIMPLES wins out again. Haha!

Millisle 1477239715

I know exactly --what you mean!! trying to post free ad,and always takes me to pay classifieds!!

Sarah 1477242604

Millisie you just  go down beneath that and it's there! 

carronade 1520544919

Totally useless site

Ullrich 1520548591

I beg to differ, carronade, every site depends on the people willing to sacrifice their time and knowledge. Seen from this perspective, this site is rather useful. Sure, there is the odd troll, but they are verywhere, don't they?

LilyP 1520554784

I had this same trouble last year placing an advert - I found it was when I added more than one photo. When just one photo was added it sailed through - otherwise the same problem as yourself.

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