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Hello everyone, We are new to this site and to Brittany. We are really excited to have recently signed the contract for our beautiful holiday cottage near Huelgoat. We have a bit of restoration work to do and can't wait for our next trip so that we can put our plans in place. We are looking for a timber merchant in the area which supplies good quality oak or reclaimed timber at a reasonable price to produce internal doors, frames and gates etc.I presently have a workshop in the UK where I produce rustic furniture: tables, chests, mirrors, log stores and display units to name a few. I am hoping that this is the type of business that I could transfer to Brittany once we decide to move over permanently. I would appreciate your opinions if you think a business such as this would be viable in Brittany. Many thanks

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Ok, where have you hidden all my posts? When I click on my posts, it says no results found! I have a year round post running in the cars section giving people information on the classic car scene in Brittany. I need to be able to access it on a regular basis. Perhaps we should all go onto facebook instead!

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There are things I like about the new web site. I like the fact that I can scroll down and not have to see the screen full of boxed classifieds every time I go to the next page.  I like the way I can navigate around from the top boxes. And it feels more up to date / modern. I would like to see a "Go to top" button though, and as I believe other people have commented, the grey font is harder to read.  Is it too late to change anything now?

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OK I give in, I have browsed your crap new website and cannot find where you have hidden the information pages which in my opinion was the only thing holding me to your site in the first place as they are very helpful.

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Addmin,why can I not type a message to another member regarding an advert? I can only type the first two letters and then nothing . Whats going on ????????????? Regards HB

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Slow, clunky, and very user unfriendly. Twice since the new site went live I have sent enquiries for articles for sale. I no longer get a confirmatory email and as neither poster has replied I dont even know if they got the enquiry.  At least on the old site the confirmatory email let you know the message had been sent! Like almost every other poster I am slowly losing the will to live. Much more and it will be goodbye AngloInfo and bonjour Leboncoin. Oh and why do I now have to log back in every time I visit now? 

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Come on Support, there is always some bad press from some when  a new idea is rolled out, but I have never seen as many negatives comments. I have given it a couple of days to get used to it before commenting, but have to agree, it's a backwards step. Please change it. 

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Absolutely hate it. Why can we no longer browse through discussions and classifieds? I don't always know what I'm looking for until I find it so certainly wouldn't want to specify a subject.If you insist on having a new website, please change the format.

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I have just tried to send a PM to a member on here.I managed to type the first two letters  of my message and cant type any more in, ADMIN any idea's?????

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This new website is not clear.  The adverts should at least show the date and time when posted as well as the location. I have on three occasions tried to email someone about a trailer for sale but I don't think anything is happening and they are not getting emails, unless this advert is just a tester. Lots more should be done to move around the website and I must agree, it is very basic and doesn't work at the moment.  Go back to the old Anglo info but just modernise it. Very disappointing sorry

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I am very disappointed with the new site.... I tried several times to add photos to my post - I do not mind paying to put the photos. I have posted my ads (three of them) without photos and I know that I will probably not get any calls!! The instructions are not clear and I cannot find where to get info on adding photos!! Also it is not possible to edit the photos as they do no fit "the frame" despite the fact that I had no problems with Anglo Infos previous site. I have 40 years of experience with PCs. The site is incredibly slow and uninformative. It is similar to LeBonCoin where I have no problem getting around. I truly hope that Anglo Info is taking note of complaints as I really appreciated it before the change. Could someone please tell me how to add photos and edit ads. Thankyou

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It would appear that in order to advertise a giveaway item and include a photo that one has to post a paid advert - Huh?Please correct me if I'm wrong here! 

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It takes me 2 hrs to drive out of Brittany ,and I am not a slow coach ! So come o folks give us an idea where you live .It is a bit saying you live in the West Country ,who wants to shop in Bristol when they live in Plymouth ?

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If you get contacted by andreaspeter0000@gmail.com it is a scammer I would advise blocking the person for the safety of your system. 

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Hi,   Can anyone tell me how I would go about editing and/or deleting a classified ad?   I can find no FAQ's, no information on this topic.   Thanks!

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I usually receive an update of AngloINFO every Monday morning by e-mail as I live in the UK.However,this week nothing has been sent and I'm wondering if other people are in the same position. I was resident in Brittany for five years and am able to give advice/info. to your readers from time to time, so I look forward to hearing from the site each week.

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Hi everyone I was recently contacted by a guy with a Spanish type name enquiring about something I am trying to sell on angloinfo. After a few email exchanges he said he was a Serious private buyer and wanted to know my address so that Elite Shipping Company could pick up a car, after a moment or two I thought it was strange so decided to check out details of the company and the time the mail was sent, it turns out to be a scam, and I'd read that quite a few folk had been duped out of thousands of Euros/pounds/Dollars . Fortunately no cash had changed hands,so I thought I would bring it to the attention of everyone on this site, B E W A R E.....if you get contacted.

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Thanks for your response. yes that i have interest in buying the vehicle and am buying it for my one use in my new house. am agree with price of the vehicle that you mention but i cant come there and give you money in hand because am out of country. this vehicle will be pick up by ELITE SHIPPING COMPANY and they will message you for their coming to pick up the vehicle in your house address. my profession is surveyor so presently in Latvia working in a big bush. the payment will be made to you by Bank Transfer or PayPal because i know both are safe and secure. everything will be alright .. but i want you to send me your house address where the vehicle will be pick up so that i can send it to the ELITE SHIPPING COMPANY for them come there and pick up the vehicle.   The vehicle is going down to USA TEXAS because it will be use there me....ok   You know there's some document will be sign by you when the ELITE SHIPPING COMPANY is there they will give you and sign it before they can pick up the vehicle. so everything is government approved   send me your full house address for me to send it to the ELITE SHIPPING COMPANY     waiting for your response   Carlos yet another scam doing the rounds! all I want to do is sell a car but not be scammed

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I cant see how I let people know that the shower that I posted as a Give away has now been taken can anyone help me as I'm still getting requests.

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