started by: bagpuss1 · last update: 1454010098 · posted: 1454009034

Has anybody else had experience of this behaviour? You see an advert on AI for something that you are interested in, not a cheap item. So you contact them through AI, You arrange to visit to see the item which is a fair distance away. Before travelling you try to call them, as arranged on the day that was agreeable, but they can't be bothered to answer the phone.  You then get an email from them later with a weak excuse as to why they didn't answer the phone because they thought you weren't coming - but they couldn't be bothered to lift the phone to call you to tell you that they are doing something else. Basic beginners sales rules. If you have arranged to be in a certain place at a certain time - be there. If you have to be somewhere else - phone your prospect and tell them. It's called communication!    

started by: Tryval · last update: 1453940059 · posted: 1453935562

Not a lot of activity on this forum, compared to others lately?

started by: Busted 5 · last update: 1453548207 · posted: 1453548207

Why is it that th "PM" doesn't seem to work in here anymore ?  Anyone in admin have a clue ?

started by: Lazydaze-442065 · last update: 1452953032 · posted: 1452949943

I have just had my ad for an air rifle removed, is it against the rules to sell on here? Anyone know where I can advertise? Thanks in advance.

started by: shepherdscrook · last update: 1451844355 · posted: 1451843594

I am really mad as I gave some things away twice last year and the next minute I see them for sale  on here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did not ask anything at all for the things I gave away and someone else is profiting. I think that is taking the p ....... Really makes me think now about giving any thing away !!!. Rant over !!!

started by: ramblin ron · last update: 1451310655 · posted: 1451310655

Is there an amatuer guitar masterclass for rock/blues, electric/acoustic near Plestin les Greves/ Lannion? With English speaking tutor

started by: car22 · last update: 1450815872 · posted: 1450814905

hi tried asking a qwestion comes up with fault 105 any help  thankyou

started by: frizby-400559 · last update: 1450516297 · posted: 1450440756

Please beware scam buyer this is the reply I got to an advert From: James Dick Hello, Thanks for your mail.  I will  offer you 50€ more to your asking price and wish to be the next owner.  A Cheque shall be issue to you in your name payable to you immediately and i will arrange pick up after the cheque is credited and You don't have to worry yourself about the shipment, my shipper will take care of shipping as soon as you confirm the payment.  The shipping cost will be added to the total amount that will be issued on your behalf and it will be used By My shipper who will be coming for the Pick Up at your location after your bank credit your account.  My private Shipper will take of all necessary documentation and Registration that need to be done will be taken care by Him and Please Note that it will be shipped to Spain it will be Use by My Daughter. I want you to get back to me with all the necessary information listed below in order to for my associate to issue a french cheque and send to you as soon as possible  Name : - Address : - Post Code : - City: - Mobile Number : - Final selling price:  I will make sure the cheque get to you within 3-4 working days.Awaiting for your swift response and your payment Informations.  Kindly remove the advert where it is displayed and consider it sold.  Best Regards              

started by: suziepops · last update: 1450284689 · posted: 1450284689

There appears to be something wrong with a lot of the AI sites this afternoon.  Brittany - last posting 10.00 am (approx) this morning.  Normandy and Poitou Charante the same.  Then everything is updated.  Then, all posts are back to 10.00am this morning.  Better sort it.

started by: Annenain · last update: 1449944351 · posted: 1449929597

Hi there, Could someone please tell me what button I need to push to get the thread bit of anydiscussion topic I post working. I am currently only able to get private emails and it would be easier if I could read any replies on this forum. Many thanks  Anne

started by: vichy-445734 · last update: 1449755936 · posted: 1449755936

Dear all  If there are items for sale on this site that have been sold or withdrawn , should it not read sold or withdrawn?  If it did read sold or withdrawn it would be much appreciated for those scrolling through who are looking and wasting their time emailing.  V X

started by: depill · last update: 1448976685 · posted: 1448924040

One wastes so much time looking to buy items on angloinfo because you do not delete items that have already been sold or withdrawn;thats why i tend to use Leboncoin instead; i don't think that iam the only person who thinks this.

started by: Pitstop-401534 · last update: 1448544279 · posted: 1448542588

Is it me , or is it now a national pastime on here to MOAN < MOAN < MOAN all the time its like reading a script for Eastenders , same names over and over again , MOANING ,  so many people dont follow anglo-info because of the constant bloney MOANING and whinging Go to Facebook and do it to your friends,  There i have finished having a good maoan about moaning ?  

started by: peter edwards · last update: 1448397870 · posted: 1448395516

Why is it there are no clubs or indoor activities listed on  Anglo Info . I know Brittany is a wonderfull place to live but it does rain and it does get cold in the winter and it would be nice to know if  things like photo clubs card clubs snooker clubs ext exist in the area The sports & leisure section  just list's outdoor activities

started by: jardinsetgites · last update: 1448366428 · posted: 1448366428

I've listed some things in the classifieds, at the moment I've listed them for one week but I'm wondering what people's experiences are: - is it worth listing for longer than a week? - can I change the duration of a listing once it's listed? (can't seem to see how to do it) Thanks

started by: jandave · last update: 1447966410 · posted: 1447966410

I have a redundant oil tank I would like emuptied contains approx 200-300 litres oil. I cannot work out how on earth you add an advert on AngloInfos giveaways  site, if someone else has worked it out would they tell me please.

started by: tebee-385985 · last update: 1447501799 · posted: 1443189145

My wife would like to move to a warmer area of France - I want to look for properies in other areas, but the property search keeps inserting Britany as the area - How do I stop this ? I can look for other countries, but not different areas of France which seems most ilogical.

started by: Gogo Yubari · last update: 1447501311 · posted: 1444262896

I'm often reading warnings about telephone scams AI and yet I also often see users posting their numbers in the open forum. Think internet security people please.

started by: winda1 · last update: 1446612010 · posted: 1446470651

Noticed that others on here have trouble adding a photo to their posting on Classifieds and others don't.  What do you have to do to reduce a photo over 2.2MB to the 1MB that is required in order to attach a photo on this website?    

started by: montypython-428832 · last update: 1446302950 · posted: 1446302575

Afternoon all. Trying to edit a current classified I have (price reduction) and also add a new one (something different for sale) - but doesn't appear to be working - anybody else having this problem? Thanks in advance Monty

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